God of War First Playthrough Video Highlights

I can't in all honesty call this a walkthrough, as I'm still a bit too green at playing it, but with improved tactics and key bindings, I could see eventually making one. This game kind of took me by surprise, and is currently one of my favorites to play. A couple of mistakes I kept making were not blocking and dodging enough, and accidentally switching arrow types in the middle of battle. I have since rebound Block/Parry to one of my mouse thumb buttons to keep my WASD fingers free for movement, and the Arrow Type key to V.

So far I'm only playing Give Me A Balanced Experience, which serves as Normal mode. I hope to progress at the very least to Give Me A Challenge mode. I'm not sure I'll be able to handle Give Me God of War mode though. Yesterday I finally managed to defeat my first Valkerie, after getting and equipping the Deadly Mist version of Ivaldi's epic level armor. I also had a lot of epic enhancements to plug into them. I don't have the resources yet to upgrade this armor, so I'll be going back to Niflheim to farm some more.


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OK, I have a slew of more highlight videos to show. These include 2 of the 3 Niflheim Realm Tears (a glitch with ShadowPlay caused the 2nd to not capture), all 6 Muspelheim Trials at Impossible level, and 7 more Valkyries.

Farming more Mist Echoes and other loot at Niflheim allowed me to finally fully upgrade my Ivaldi's Armor, and the last Chaos and Frozen Flames, which are available for purchase in shops, did the same for my weapons.

The Muspelheim Trials reset to Impossible mode once you beat all 6 on Normal and Hard, but you need collect 3 keys on any of the first 5 to play the 6th on Impossible mode. The 6th on Impossible mode is graded Bronze, Silver, and Gold, for how many kills in 8 min.

I'm getting better at fighting Valkyries, but am still learning their attack patterns, how to dodge them, and what attacks work best on them. I beat Gunnr and Eir without using a resurrection stone or rage, and probably had done the same with Rota, had she not instantly stomped on me unexpectedly with an attempted neck snap when I had her down to a sliver of health.

I have placed 7 of the 8 Valkyrie helms at the Valkyrie Council thrones, and am saving the last until I finish mopping up the collectibles. This is because I'm not sure if placing the last one will lock me into the Valkyrie Queen boss fight. I have all 4 non Midgard Realms at 100%, and Midgard at 96%, needing mainly to just find the last 8 of Odin's Ravens.

There are also a lot of Labors to achieve if you wish, which are rated bronze, silver and gold. These include things like using certain skills a given number of times, or killing a certain number enemies a specific way and such, but I'm pretty sure they don't count toward 100% completion.

After watching the trailer for God of War Ragnarok, it looks like it's going to be pretty epic as well. It will no doubt take some time before it ever comes to PC though.
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