God of War First Playthrough Video Highlights

I can't in all honesty call this a walkthrough, as I'm still a bit too green at playing it, but with improved tactics and key bindings, I could see eventually making one. This game kind of took me by surprise, and is currently one of my favorites to play. A couple of mistakes I kept making were not blocking enough, and accidentally switching arrow types in the middle of battle. I have since rebound Block/Parry to one of my mouse thumb buttons to keep my WASD fingers free for movement, and the Arrow Type key to V.

So far I'm only playing Give Me A Balanced Experience, which serves as Normal mode. I hope to progress at the very least to Give Me A Challenge mode. I'm not sure I'll be able to handle Give Me God of War mode though. Yesterday I finally managed to defeat my first Valkerie, after getting and equipping the Deadly Mist version of Ivaldi's epic level armor. I also had a lot of epic enhancements to plug into them. I don't have the resources yet to upgrade this armor, so I'll be going back to Niflheim to farm some more.


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Feb 11, 2022
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it's awesome bro.. i'd like to give you like, but i can find where the button is..
btw how many hour did you spend for finishing the game?


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