Gaming Question with older games 1998 - 2007 ish

Aug 18, 2021
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Alright here's my issue, i dunno if it's graphics, i dunno if it's windows 10... but...

Whenever i play these old games.... my colors are altered... and say i have steam, or other windows up
They all get moved to the right....

after i close out of the game i'm running....

I dunno if it's a graphics issue, or if i'm doing something wrong, but it gets annoying, having to move all your folders, or windows back to center... after gaming... and same with the lighting... i just thought i'd ask if anyone knows what i need to do.... to fix this...

I've tried compatibility mode, and the games are through steam, so i don't have that as an option when i right click the game... so.. i've tried that... i just am wondering if theres any other way... to fix this issue.
Aug 18, 2021
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Err Everything is up to date........

Maybe it's just my computer and the old games... i play...

The game i'm referring to is Command and Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars....

When i launch the game, my screen shows up and shows the desktop in like 800 x 600,

Then the game loads, but after i leave is when the files, folders, and boxes all move to the right.... they move during the game play,

I'm just thinking the game is to old for my pc.... and it can't really run without altering the colors, and files or folders i got up...

I use something called Nite Light, and it is like a Orangish color for me....

But after i play a game... it goes to Bright Blue....

So i dunno.... i think the game and the software or hardware in the pc aren't in synch or something....

It's just annoying to deal with.....
Command and Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars

i dunno if it's windows 10
It probably is. Steam specs say:
OS: Windows XP/Vista
I see elsewhere "(64-bit not supported)"

You might find some help in the 278 topics here:

800 x 600
That's why your windows are being shunted around. C&C is not releasing the 800x600 properly or Win10 is not restoring your normal resolution properly.

I only have the EA-Origin version so I can't look into the detail of the Steam version.

PS I assume you know about the original games' remaster, which works a treat on Win10?
Aug 18, 2021
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I haven't tried that, i would hope it works.... I have CD and Steam Versions, but with my new pc... i recently got, it has no cd rom drive, so.. i'm stuck playing steam version atm... it's not the best... I can't even use the world builder.... cuz when i install the steam version, it doesn't recognize the file....

I'm not hating on steam, but it does have alot of game issues with games....

I think because the game is so old, the picture size, 800 x 600 or the shaders or colors are causing it to act up... I wish i had XP.... or below.... those OS's were really good for older games.....
alot of game issues with games
When possible, buy old games from GOG—reason being they upgrade most/all of them to work with the latest Windows. No other retailer does that as far as I know.
C&C isn't on GOG, unfortunately.

OS's were really good for older games
I've found Win10's 'Compatibility Mode' pretty good.
Find the EXE file which runs C&C3 in the relevant Steam folder, r-click on it and choose 'Properties'. Click on the Compatibility tab and play around.

I just did that with my Steam copy of Crysis, so it should be there for C&C3.