Jun 27, 2023
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Hey there,

I kind of have a two part query. Any advice or knowledge would be greatly appreciated with this.

Part One.
- If you've got STEAM setup on your gaming PC, can this be accessed as a form of remote gaming via a MacBook Air? (If yes, would the MacBook need a Virtual Machine running Windows to access this).

Part Two.
- If part one is possible, does the then game you play use your PC Specs to run and the MacBook is used more so as a display or is it just a case of using your PC as a type of storage unit and then the MacBook specs take importance to how efficiently your game runs?

(I'm asking in a sense of wanting to use the MacBook to play Football Manager with a bigger database than it can perform on its own. The MacBook battery seems to die pretty quickly from using games directly on STEAM and was unsure how Remote Gaming worked in its own right).
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1. this might help - https://lifehacker.com/how-to-set-up-steam-link-for-in-home-remote-gaming-on-a-1846555123

Note that this isn’t a cloud-streaming service like Stadia—so a game’s performance is tied to your PC’s hardware and the strength of your home internet connection. This also means Steam Link only plays games you already own on Steam, and that are also compatible with the app.
Think the PC is what matters, the macbook is just acting as a display.

I misread, i thought you wanted to use the macbook as storage and play on a PC. Not other way around. Those instructions should work.
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GOG is your best bet OP. Aside from some special deals on obscure titles, you WILL pay a bit more, and they have a smaller selection of AAA titles, but you won't have to deal with 3rd party launchers/apps, and they will more likely have little to no bugs.
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