Final Fantasy 7 Remake for pc

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@Sarafan - Dark Souls. We're going to be hearing about that petition for decades to come as proof petitions work.
Only reason why Square-Enix is still making PC games is due to a contractual obligation with Epic Games.
Strange thing to say a few days after they release the new collection of Final Fantasy games on Steam. They've got exactly 0 final fantasy games, in any form, in the Epic games store.
Jan 23, 2020
i never played these games, i never had a play station. It looks like a solid re-release though. But from the looks of it, this looks like the kinda game that would work wonderfully on that new steam deck. If i was a kid and i had one of those and a FF pack under the tree i thnk i would of lost my mind more than i did when i found a coleco with smurfs adventure! :p
Well, we need to first know if it's heading to Steam or if it's gonna be locked down to the Epic Games Store like Kingdom Hearts III and NEO: The World Ends With You. The second step is for Valve to test the game through Proton.
Sep 2, 2020

Officially, you should save December 10, 2021 to your calendar. Unofficially, you'd better hope for an Epic Games Store exclusivity deal.
Hmm. Guess it's gonna be a very long wait... I'll keep my finger crossed for December 10. Why this very specific date though?



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