Final Fantasy 7 Remake for pc

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Release on Steam is tomorrow... or maybe today, depending on your time zones. Works with Steam Deck.

I was counting for a higher discount TBH. The game is too expensive, given that the PC port is of mediocre quality. Probably I'll end up buying the whole trilogy in a package some time in the distant future. :D Unless they offer me a good deal that is. :p
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Well, it already has all the DLC and Square doesn't appear to be interested in patching their game. They did a quick patch soon after releasing on Epic and haven't been heard from since, as near as I can tell. There's a bunch of mods already, though none look particularly interesting.

Now it's just a question of when to play it.


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My attempt at resistance was futile. I didn't even last through the first sale. I guess that means it's time to move this topic off of "when" and over to "what."

I'm about 12 hours in now. Here's some first impressions:

Bad things:
  • It has a photo mode, but the camera is VERY restricted. I've got no idea why they would do that, but they did.
  • The graphics settings are pathetic. Many many options other games have are not available. Motion blur, depth of field, control over that dynamic resolution thing... none of it is there.
  • Charging an extra $10 for the game.
  • Who is this motorcycle guy? The character seems really dumb so far. Just another one of those "oh, I love battle so much, I want to try myself against your skills" guys I've seen dozens of times already. Often done better, too. It's still early, though, so maybe he gets better.
  • Long wait for part 2 and 3.
Good things:
  • Jessie flirts with you. A lot!! JESSE!!
  • The good old materia system seems to be mostly unchanged except for the summoning materia, which changed very much for the better. The "all" materia seems to have gone away - or maybe they just saved it for later in the game?
  • The story is pretty much the same story as before but expanded. A lot. So far, it's been working extremely well.
  • The music is incredible. The music was quite good even with ye'olde MIDI system back in the day. Now, with full orchestra, it's awesome. Possibly the best use of music in a video game without some gimmick (like Bioshock Infinite's modern-music-played-in-old-styles).
  • Besides the materia system, there's some other systems thrown in as well. Every weapon provides a unique skill and, if you master it (I need to work out how that's really done), you get to keep that skill even when not using the weapon.
  • You also level up your weapons. In the original game, you use the iconic "Buster" sword for maybe two hours before getting a better one. In this game, it's looking like you could keep them around for quite a while. Every time your character levels up, instead of advancing your character stats, you advance your weapons' stats!
  • Voice acting is well done. Especially Jessie when she's flirting with you. But maybe that's just me...
Meh things:
  • Somewhat weak "go beat up monsters over there" side quests. The monsters are interesting enough to make it fun but come on! You even have one to go clear out the giant rats from some area. Are the devs just messing with us by tossing that trope out??
  • While the game doesn't have settings, the Unreal Engine 4 it is built on sure does. This mod lets you access them. ALL of them. Obviously, it is not easy to use at all, but people are putting together engine.ini files for people's use. I managed to add some reflections to my game, turn off DoF, and I think I've gotten rid of a lot of motion blur - though not in the video cutscenes.
  • Speaking of - there are a lot of cutscenes. I didn't see a way to skip them, but I think people would be screaming about it if there wasn't an option somewhere.
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Quick update...

Yes, you can skip video cutscenes. Press M (you press M in this game to get menus, not ESC - this port really isn't so good) then the option shows up. If it's story playing out through the game engine, you can click the right mouse button to skip through dialog.
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I recorded the last third of my fight against Leviathan and I think it makes for a nice video showing how the game's combat system works.

Setting the stage: the Leviathan fight takes place in a VR simulation. If you win it, you get the Leviathan "summon" materia. Unlike most of the game, your damage and magic power get restored after the battle. Leviathan attacks with magic water spells and is most damaged by lightning attacks - and I came prepared for that. More or less.

The battle starts just as Leviathan is doing one of its massive "tidal wave" attacks, which hits everyone hard, but I had a mana barrier up that cuts damage down.

The green bar (that's green, not red!) is each character's health. The blue bar below is the action (ATB) gauge. Characters can do their normal attack any old time, but special attacks, spells, and using items requires a chunk of the action gauge. The gauge fills up slowly at all times and faster when the character you control is attacking. When the video starts, I'm controlling Cloud and try to do an action, but all options are greyed out because he hasn't quite gotten his ATB high enough. So I switch to Barret, and cast a healing spell on Tifa, then take control of Tifa while he goes through the motions.

When you are picking commands, note that the action doesn't quite stop. At 2:00 in, you can see some shots from Barret hitting and doing damage while I'm trying to decide what to do with Tifa.

Interrupting and dodging are very much things in battle. At 3:20, Barret tries to heal Tifa but he gets nailed by Leviathan's attack while casting so he loses the mana points and action points and Tifa gets no health at all. At 1:30, Tifa tries to hit Leviathan with a lightning spell, but Leviathan dives and Tifa does no damage. This works both ways: your characters can dodge attacks and interrupt, too.

The stagger bar is another big feature - that's the orange bar under the yellow health bar of the enemy. If that fills up, the enemy staggers and falls down. While the enemy is down, you do extra damage.

At 4:55, I get in serious trouble. Leviathan is going to do another tidal wave attack. Unfortunately, Tifa is the one that casts the anti-magic barrier that helped me survive the last one and her ATB isn't close to full. The party's health isn't all that great, either. However, Cloud's limit bar is full. A "limit" attack is a huge attack the character can make on rare occasion and Cloud's adds a lot to the stagger bar. Leviathan's just about out of HP, too. If I can hit it with that limit...

Nope. Cloud starts his big attack, then Leviathan cuts loose and almost wipes the entire party!
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