Export List of Games in Steam Library but SIMPLY?


I'd really like to export a list of all the games in my Steam Library...
I have tried reading up on this, tried various solutions but they don't work for me...

Also - I'd prefer to avoid using code someone I don't know has written... if it is official code from a big well known source maybe?
I have my ID - but it didn't seem to work with some of these?

So what is the Simplest/safest way to do this?

Thank you for your help.

Are you familiar with using Excel or a text editor?

I did this years ago and if I recall correctly, I copied the list on steam and pasted it into one of the above, where I then did some cleaning work.

Yeah man... but the question is how did you copy the list from steam (or rather how can you still do it today - as things sometimes change)?

And just to be clear - if you're talking about manually typing them out - there's way too many!

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Can you write code yourself? Steam does have an API.

If you've made your profile public, I expect there are some websites that can give you lists, too. You wouldn't need to give them your password, you would just point them at your account, and they would scrape the (now public) data about what you've got.
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copy the list from steam
Took a bit of rooting, but these just worked for me—formats and info included are different, so check both to see which suits you better:

Method 1

Log into Steam website, then visit this page:

Method 2

Go to Steam in browser—not client.
Username > Profile > Games—on right side— > All Games.

Your List

Above gives you your list. Just drag on it to select it all—or Click + Shift-click—and copy.

In Excel, use the Paste option "Match Destination Formatting".

There's your list in an easy-to-clean format.
Dec 29, 2022
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THIS is the superior list, in that the edit in Excel is fast and simple, only 3 columns to adjust, right justify the 1st, find the really long lines at start and end, delete them, delete column C, then a little more adjust, and you have a perfect list. I went 1 step further, put it in Word and prettied it up for printing. Happy New Year.

Log into Steam website, then visit this page:
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Feb 12, 2023
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[Mod edit: Note to other mods—this looks legit BB]

i made an account just to reply to this lol

there is a tool called PraseHub that automates web scraping for you. if can be found here > https://parsehub.com/quickstart

basically download it, give it the URL to your games list (make sure you have your games on public view in settings) and then you press the check mark on the second item and itll save all of them as a CSV. then you can use that in google sheets to get all game results

here is a youtube tutorial on how to do it too >
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2IIopNlzgA

hope this helped any gamers tryna do this.

i used it to put all my games into a wheel of fortune picker online to randomly choose one for me so i can play it since i have a hard time picking what game i wanna play lol
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i made an account just to reply to this
Welcome to the forum, and thanks a lot for making the effort to help us all :)
To others: looks fine to me at first blush, very polished.

I did the 43MB ParseHub download and ran the first tutorial which grabbed data for 10 movies. All worked fine, I now have a CSV file with some info bits about those.

The heavy lifting is done in the cloud, hence the download is so small. You sign up for an account with email and password. The free account is for people like us, consumer-grade—limited to a certain number of 'projects' and the speed your runs will take. My tut had 11 pages to query and took ~2 minutes—I'll do a bigger test later, but it may need running overnight to do a big query… which is fine for occasional work.

I'm a very experienced software user, and have an intermediate knowledge of how a web page is constructed, so I immediately knew what the app was trying to do at each step—but I know I'll make a few missteps when I start my own first project, it's not straightforward. If you're only/mainly a gamer, it could easily take a few tries before the process clicks for you—I've found that leaving it and coming back in a week to try again often works in such situations.
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