Does resolution of a monitor affect the gaming experience?

May 14, 2021
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I have a lenovo monitor with 1366 * 768 monitor resolution and i was wondering if i can run a game like far cry 5 with the following specs?
CPU : Core i5 2400
GPU:nVidia GTX 1060
RAM:8 Gigs
screen resolution:1366*768
Thanks for your technical help and time replying to this thread
Higher resolution causes the graphics card to work harder lowering the frame rate the GPU puts out more the higher the resolution goes. At the same time the CPU separately will limit the FPS regardless of the resolution, as it performs all the calculations in the game that aren't graphical such as damage, physics, and enemy AI, this is what people call 'bottlenecking.'

Its always on one or the other, don't worry about it if the game seems playable to you :)


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It's not exactly resolution that matters. It's whether you can pick out the individual pixels. A resolution of 1024x768 isn't very good on a 30 inch monitor that's two feet in front of your face. It's fine for a 27 inch TV screen that's fifteen feet away.
i had a 4k monitor before, windows defaults to 150% scale on it or you wouldn't be able to read anything. 4k not really suited to 27 inch monitors. Makes some game interfaces really tiny too.

I have a 32 inch 1440p monitor now, about max you should take 1440p but I haven't noticed.

high res doesn't help if frame rate is low though. Its why csgo players don't care what it looks like, as long as they get 1000000 fps (possible exaggeration)
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I wasn't really commenting suggesting you get either. But a 1080p screen would show you more on screen. It really depends on the game. Some just show more detail if you have higher resolutions, others show you more around you.

The pc with the 4k screen only had an I5 4690k & a GTX 980 in it, I never really tried to play many games on it as I knew it was expecting too much to play at 4k.

I did load an older game I used to play on it to find being able to see a lot more around you isn't ideal in a game where line of sight is dictated on how much is on screen, can't run off screen so easily if the amount showing on screen is 4x as large.

Current PC better suited to its screen but the games I play don't really ask for much.