Do you move around to mirror screen action?

I don't do this much, mainly jumping back from jump scares, like a munching tiger's face suddenly filling the screen. I'll also occasionally mutter an apology if I bump into a NPC unexpectedly.

I'm guessing those of you into the hack n slash do it a fair bit, especially during those long boss fights. I don't play intense action games, but could totally see myself rolling with the punches.

My wife can always tell when i am fully immersed in a game because as the lead character was jump up a mountain i sway about in my chair as if i was climbing the mountain myself. Also , after years of gaming i cant stop myself leaning in my chair as i am hiding and looking if its safe to move.

If i do that without realising then i guess thats then sign of a good game

I do that a lot. If I need to see something up high, all I need to do is turn the camera - but I also bend down a little to look up at my monitor. 🙄


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It's definitely not an intensity thing for me! I'll move my head around when I'm just exploring a room. If there might be something on a ledge and I'm making my character jump to try and see what's up there, I'll sit up as straight as I can to "help" see higher! I presume it's some sort of immersion thing, like Warlord said.

I don't think I've ever done that while watching a movie or reading a book.

(If any psychologists are out there, thinking about writing a paper, I would point out that, while @mjs warlord did mention the effect first, the "mjs warlord effect" is more cumbersome than "the zloth effect"!) ;)
I never really thought about that, but I guess I sometimes do. Occasionally I'll find myself shifting my body if I'm in combat, especially in melee combat, as I'm dodging or attacking. Which is weird, because it has no noticeable effect, outside of being immersed in the battle.

More often though, is when exploring, especially sneaking, and I'm trying to look up, down, or around a corner, I find that I'm sometimes moving my head or craning my neck to see a bit further. In both instances, it only happens if I'm in a first person perspective.
i do occasionally notice myself doing the odd learn forward or back when i try to apply force to something, but otherwise i'm ok about it. i did use to find myself looking upwards when i try peering up in game but its been years.

Apologising to NPCs when i do something wrong? yeah that happens. Recently it was in dishonored 2 when i was performing a non lethal takedown and on the way down the guy smashes his head on a wooden divider and dies or another time halfway through choking a bottle breaks on a table and apparently i killed him. Somehow.

Another example was when a civilian somehow got onto the roof of a shed and out of blind panic i choke her out and made a run for it not realizing she slid off the roof and took a serious fall.
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Doing this a lot in Hardspace Shipbreaker. You're constantly trying to accelerate, brake, and generally move 360 degrees all around to get things on screen at the right angles.

Dont think I tend to do it in action games unless things get really tense, but then I mostly just grip the controller or mouse tighter or higher up rather than ducking and moving sideways.
@Slasken how did you even find this thread?

Lol. Those of you who apologize to NPCs are from Canada, aren't you? :D

I rarely move around when I play, other than if I'm playing on my Oculus. My youngest son used to jump around like crazy when he played video games. He's mellowed out a lot since those younger days. He still moves around a little sometimes, though. He's 13 now.