Question "Disk error write" on steam

Jul 21, 2023
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"Hello, I'm having a problem with downloading the game "Forza Horizon 5". I purchased the game through the Steam shop without any issues, but when I started the download, it kept pausing on its own and showing me a "disk write error" message. I initially thought it might be due to my older hard disk, so I switched the download to a new SSD, but I still encountered the same error. I spent the whole day next to my computer, trying to unpause it every time the error appeared, and the download would continue for a while before the same problem occurred again.

Now, I'm facing an issue with a new update that started automatically and got stuck at 70%. Every time I resume the update, it downloads without any issues until it reaches 99% during verification, and then it shows the "disk write error" again and goes back to 70%. I've tried multiple times, and the outcome was always the same. I also attempted to clear the "download cache," but it didn't help. Please, can you assist me with this problem?"
run this program to see if their is a problem with your drives.

seems strange that both drives have a problem ... in my pc right click you drives then do properties , tools , error check even if it says you dont need to.

found this ..... i think its what you need
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