Desperados 3 - Love it/hate it/meh?

Jan 13, 2020
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I just got D3 - and same emotional journey happened as with Shadow Tactics. Super excited joyful exploration of the first few levels, followed by a sense of determined drudgery through the next few levels, followed by a sense of dread of more levels.

I think I'm missing something--because the reviews seem mostly ecstatic. But it more and more feels like a puzzle game rather than a strategy/simulation/sandbox game--in that, rather than truly flexible, dynamic strategy, you're picking through prescribed paths, ane while there are many paths, each path has a specific domino-like sequence you need to get through to clear it. Which kind of ruins the immersion a little bit. And then just feels like I'm hateplaying against the designers.

Even though I love the graphics, the characters are fun, the toys are fun, etc.

Tell me I'm wrong and clearly not getting it, oh powers of PCGamer.
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Feb 9, 2021
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Couldn't agree more. D3, like Shadows has backed itself into a mechanical rut that it cant get out of. The vision cones are huge which creates the challenge but also nullifies 99% of the creativity in how you take on each group of enemies. You end up over using the coin distraction and throwing knife in every encounter. grinding through until you get to the end of a mission and feeling relieved you don't have to play it anymore. Not a good sign if your a game developer.

What's worse is when someone see's you and they aren't even on the screen!!!

The graphics, music and voice work are brilliant but playing it goes from fun, to frustrating so quickly. Most encounters I felt like I had to break the game to progress as they were so limited in how you could approach them.

I think it boil's down to the "Dark Souls conundrum" if you love horribly punishing games you will play it and love it. If not you wouldn't even touch it so the only feedback you hear is from a community who only love that type of game.
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