Death Stranding - (Best/Complete Save Game Transfer Solution for Epic Standard to Steam Director's Cut) ?


What is the 'Latest' - best/safest/most successful/easiest way to transfer your Save Games from an Epic Standard version - to a new Steam Director's Cut version?

I'm not interested in upgrading the Epic version - so please don't bother mentioning anything to do with that here.

I've read a lot online and it seems that so many methods only partially work; or they work for some but not others etc?

When I say partially - it sounds fairly common for half or some of the extra Director's Cut content to work but not all of it?
Or you lose achievements or more important in game records of what you've done etc?

I'm really keen to transfer over and get playing my new Director's Cut on Steam - but I'm very hesitant to try the transfer until I can get some confirmation on the latest best method - as I don't want to start playing again for ages only to find out half the extras won't appear etc!

I hope someone can help; as I guarantee I'm not the only one in this boat - as I was just one of kajillions who got the free Standard version from Epic (thank you Epic - got me interested enough to buy the Director's Cut) and I'm sure I won't be the only one who wants to upgrade - and is having a hard time finding a good solution !

Please be as detailed as possible as I've never done any complicated transfers like this, link to any guide sites/videos - whatever.

If anyone is tempted to try this exact transfer - please record the process and upload it here if it's successful? Or at least give us any useful insights into the process (what NOT to do for example).

Thank you for your help.
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