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Dec 15, 2021
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I wish I'd found this site sooner, you guys are so knowledgable!

I used to consider myself a 'gamer', but as I got older and had a son, I had pretty much no spare time left. When he hit 5 though, we got an Xbox 360 and I realised just how much I'd missed it... plus we have spent so many hours of fun quality time together over the past few years! I loved revisiting the classic Lego games, and all the new ones, which are all very funny and child friendly.

Now he's 10 and we've set up a gaming room with two Xbox One's, so we can game together, plus his PlayStation 4. He's also been wanting a gaming pc for a while but I was trying to put him off for a couple of years, but it's all he wanted for Xmas and he's finally worn me down. I have only ever used consoles and know literally nothing about pc's. I am also a single parent so no help from anyone else!

I've just bought him a pc for £849 and desperately hoping it's going to be okay? I kept reading and researching and reviewing, and obviously price also had to play a part, but I'm just hoping I haven't messed it up too badly! I should have thought to get advice on a forum months ago! I think it has 16GB Ram, 480 SSD, 1660 super graphics card 6GB. It has Windows 10 pre installed and can be upgraded to Windows 11, and it has a year's anti virus protection. Does this sound okay for a beginner gaming pc? Should I also buy an external hard drive and will that be sufficient along with the SSD already provided? Is it a good idea to also get an external DVD reader/writer as it doesn't come with one? Will it be okay to link it up to the tv he's already using to start with, instead of a monitor? Can anyone recommend any good books or websites for beginners? I'm worried that I won't even know how to set it up on Xmas day. I'd be so grateful for any help or reassurance you guys can offer?
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Use of TV as display is okay.

An external HDD would be good for a backup solution to personal files/documents (before a catastrophe occurs).

Optical drives (DVD/CD/BL) have fallen out of favor with better broadband. I keep such an external device "just in case". You can certainly live without, unless you can't find legit sources for your pile of game DVDs.

I, personally, use the bulit-in Windows Defender anti-virus and have ZERO issues with malware. However, I also practice safe cyber hygiene to prevent said concerns.
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