Control is out on Steam today

Aug 25, 2020
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Who here has played Control? What do you think of the game and how does it stack up to the other Remedy titles?

Who here has been waiting for the Steam release? Will you be buying it now that it's a deluxe edition and discounted?
yes i have just bought this game about 10 minutes ago


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It's coming to GOG as well on September 10th. I'll probably buy it there some day. Right now my hardware isn't capable enough to run the game smoothly and I have tons of other games waiting for me. I saw on the gameplays that Control provides a lot of fun in playing heavily with physics. It's interesting to see how you can influence the look of your surroundings. It's probably the biggest advantage of the game.


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I've been waiting for the Steam release but, even if it showed up there right off the bat, I still would have waited the year to buy it just to give the bugs time to get stomped and extra content to show up. (Outer Worlds is in the same boat.) I've still got Troubleshooter, GreedFall, the Talos Principle expansion, and Echo to play through from the Summer sale. I think I'll wait for the Fall (aka Thanksgiving) sale.


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Alright, finally rolled the credits on RDR2 and pulled the trigger on Control. Massive Max Payne 2 (and 3 but it's not Remedy) fan here. I also finished Quantum Break this year and have beaten Alan Wake as well so I feel like I'm lubed up and ready for this one ;)
Aug 29, 2020
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Control is a fantastic game, well worth your time and money. It is gorgeous, it plays very well as a third person shooter, the abilities are very well implemented and very fun to play with. The story is intriguing and full of mystery (if you like X-Files, you will like Control's story and mythology). There are a couple of difficulty spikes, but overall it plays great and does not overstay its welcome. I think it is the best Remedy game and I am saying this as a long time Max Payne fan.