Question Steam turns 20 - What was your first Steam game?

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Jun 27, 2023
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I'll be giving this a blast shortly then.
Day of Infamy during its peak playerbase days in 2017-2018 was AMAZING. I had played and loved Day of Defeat Source earlier before that, so when Infamy came out it was a dream come true. It managed to capture that feeling but better and more realistic. It’s like when you have really great memories of an old game but you play it today and it’s nothing like what your memory felt like, but opposite. It was like the Day of Defeat of my dreams. Too bad barely anyone plays anymore… they should make it free.
Still worth getting into today?
Been a member since November 27 2004, i don't actually remember what game it was that made me install steam but i remember being realy anti Steam at the time, It is likley it was because of Halflife2 though since i stopped playing CS somewhere around version 1.0.

I don't buy that many games on steam these days, firstly i prefer physical games so for many years i hardly bought digital atall, and these days i allways go GoG first where possible,
Probably around 2008-2009 when I got the Orange Box. I don't have access to my first account, unfortunately, but I played a lot of Half-Life on it and a shitton of Team Fortress 2. Used to trade reclaimed metal for keys, something I don't think you can do anymore these days. Was a nice way to get new items and I probably have a couple of valuable ones on that account. I'll never know for sure...:)


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