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..... And now comes the Steam autumn sale. Picked up Doom Eternal finally for 20€ Also got Pyre for 5€ Because I'm making my way through Hades atm and really enjoying it.

When am I going to play all these games?
I grabbed Death Stranding for 50% off* myself; I've been waiting for a bit to get it. But yea, idk when I'll actually get to it lol. Further, the Winter sale is literally a month away at this point too....
Jun 26, 2020
Ah it's been a while since it's felt like a steam sale has something to offer that I don't own yet, but this is a perfect time for me to clean up on those VR games I just didn't want to pay full price for. Between this sale and the oculus black friday sale I should be set.


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Steam Awards other than Labor of Love are locked to 2020. (Actually, December 2019 games seem to be allowed, too.) When Steam suggests games I played that were released in 2020, it only shows Outer Wilds and Troubleshooter: Abandoned Children. The former actually released earlier but not on Steam. My "play games late" policy isn't so great when it comes to this sort of voting.

Edit: Arg, and you can only put a game in one category! Outer Wilds deserves the innovative and the soundtrack awards, IMHO.

Edit2: W00t! 1000 messages.
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I for one intend on keeping my wallet far away from steam this sale, my backlog is way too long already.
Might buy one game though, maybe a second or a third..
maybe even a fourth,
these are really good prices..

They're only going to get lower with the next sales though.

The only game I'm considering buying is Conquest of Elysium 4. I've been playing a bit of Conquest of Elysium 3 and it's the perfect game for when you only 15-30 minutes here and there throughout the day to play a game. Or even tab to and from the game to do a turn or two while waiting on something.
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steam keeps suggesting games to nominate that I haven't even played, I nominated a few until I realised Steam reset them because you can only nominate one game per award.
I'll certainly be waiting until the winter sale to buy a few more games, my last comment was essentially an attempt to make you fine folk either laugh or smile.
COE4 looks interesting, to be honest I've never even heard of the game before, care to give a mini review?
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Oh no, you called my bluff, I was just trying to sound knowledgeable :(
Hmm, can't find a Linus one. Here's one from JayzTwoCents a year ago which I definitely watched:
Can the human eye see a difference in refresh rates? Fast monitor testing

I was just interested :) I think frame rate sensitivity is a personal thing probably influenced by experience as well as the quality of vision youre born with. (so like everything else I guess)

For example I can hear all of the frequencies in the videos on this page , and I'm a little older than 18. It's not the superpower I would have chosen but we work with what we got. I have lost some frequencies in between though.

I guess some pro level FPS players might even be able to differentiate between 240hz and 360, where someone average like me just can't tell 240 from 100. I'm fairly sure my aim is better at higher frame rates, but I may just be justifying the cost of the new monitor to myself :D
COE4 looks interesting, to be honest I've never even heard of the game before, care to give a mini review?

I've bought it and got to play a few hours and I'm really liking it. It's very similar to CoE4, but with some great improvements.

It's basically a very lightweight 4X game, with almost no micro management. There's no diplomacy, no tech tree and you have no influence on the actions or positions of your units during combat, it's all automated.

However, what the game lacks in complex game mechanics, it makes up for in sheer content. There's 20 different classes, all with their own play style, 60 magic disciplines, over 1000 different kinds of monsters and over 300 kinds of rituals.

All of this means that most of the game you can focus completely on discovery, both in the sense of exploring the world map (which has the main world and 6 other planes) and also all the different classes, spells, rituals, monsters, random events, magic items and unique locations.

One point to mention though: be prepared to lose some games because a group of deer decided to trample through your capital on the third turn, or because your last commander happened to run into a group of stealthed units while going through a forest or because you started near a bunch of monster lairs your class can't get rid off and can't manage to hold onto any resource tiles (that last one is why I abandoned my last game).

All in all, I would rate it 8.5/10, can definitely recommend, especially since it's not even 10 bucks on Steam at the moment.
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My Angband character just died. I was so hopeful that I could beat the game this time. I put quite a lot of hours spread out over several weeks in it.

I really want to jump right back in, but I also don't look forward at all to grinding all the way down again.

Perhaps this is a good time to actually get some work done :p
I have been thinking of punishment for people pirating CP2077. I remember (not from personal experience) Witcher 3 having a pretty funny anti-cheat with a monster that kept respawning and I'm thinking that this game could do better. How about something like this:

You are near the end of the game, perhaps the final chapter. You meet with Johnny Silverhand as he has something important to tell you. You sit down with him at a local diner and he says:

"V, it has been a fun ride, but not we are down to some serious chops. I'd love to give you more details about this, but unfortunately, this is not for you. Then Silverhand leaves the diner, gives you the middle finger as he closes the door gently, and the end credits scrolls and you are kicked back to the main menu with your local save deleted.

To harsh?:)
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To harsh?
No, too gentle—you let him get near the end of the game. Try this:

After 10 minutes, spawn a huge monster which is super easy to beat. Then:
"Congratulations! You have set a new worldwide record for beating the game!!
Text your details to 123 to claim your prizes and wall certificate."

Up to CD Project what to do once they have the guy's details.
I think the guilt aspect is always the way to go, although if a punishment was implimented it has to only be with the countries who don't have to spend a full months wages on the game such as ones going through political and financial collapses.
As far as i'm concerned i'll never disagree with someone who live in places like that who pirate games.

Now to the answer: Perhaps everyone you do jobs for NEVER pay you, the shop owners don't allow you inside because you're a thief and you can never buy/upgrade any implants due to lack of funds.
It's somewhat why i'm against DRM'S or punishing pirates as a whole and also why I love and support CDProject.
Obviously not all people who pirate games are living in a tough situation and most do it purely for free entertainment.
I think about, say, a child living in a very poor family whose only escape is gaming or as mentioned above a country in turmoil and how it would feel to them finally getting a game through days-weeks of downloading only to be met with a punishment.
The Witcher 3 had no DRM and sold over 30 million copies! it proves if you make a good product people will buy it.

Also the Devs could save money, I don't remember what triple A game was recently cracked but I read an article where they paid Denovo something like £40,000 for a years worth of protection only for the game to be cracked in 14 days.


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Can't do it fast and obvious. People will simply figure it out and hack it away. I think it's better if you subtly mess it up. Maybe make ammunition get more and more rare until there's none left after 20-30 hours. Or, if your NPC quest givers actually move around instead of standing in one place day & night waiting for you, they could get harder and harder to find until you're left with no new quests and a bunch of older quests you can't turn in.

This is very much a GOG game, though, so you'll mostly be punishing people who are playing the game early.
As far as i'm concerned i'll never disagree with someone who live in places like that who pirate games.
So somebody who has the money to maintain a fairly high end (from a world-wide perspective) PC, yet doesn't have the cash for the game and also, for some reason, can't possibly wait until they save up money and the game gets cheaper?? Yeah - no sympathy from me. Food, water, electricity, even internet access are one thing. Being able to play the latest video game within the first few months of launch!? Absolutely not.
I think about, say, a child living in a very poor family whose only escape is gaming or as mentioned above a country in turmoil and how it would feel to them finally getting a game through days-weeks of downloading only to be met with a punishment.
Let them eat Portal!

Or Portal 2. Each one is only $10 with no sales on at all and I think both have pretty huge libraries of user-made content. GOG has given away a whole ton of games over the years - games that are far more likely to run on a poor person's computer. Origin has given a bunch away, too, and now Epic is giving away games regularly.
I'm certainly not denying my logic has a few ideas that could be picked to pieces since there are far too many variables to take into account and writing all of them down would create a whole discussion none of us want to put that much effort into.
Nothing is black and white,
I simply like to keep an open mind to the larger issues happening in many 3rd world/war torn countries, if someone pirating a brand new game and playing it on whatever settings their system can handle makes theirs and others day a bit better I say so be it.
Over to something completely different: What Christmas game gifts are you guys and gals buying for yourself this year? I already bought mine, it is of course none other than Cyberpunk 2077. Hopefully, the game is not too much of a buggy mess and I can enjoy the whooooooole Christmas playing it.
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