Question Can't solve why all my games Stutter! 1080

Sep 22, 2020
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Hi, I am in need of assistance!

I have an Alienware R7 Aurora PC, and all of a sudden all of my games started running stuttery, very low frames. For example, if i move the mouse left and right in a FPS game it will almost freeze. I don't hear my fans turn on, but they're working. They just aren't powering how they used to. My PC is running slow overall, i scanned for viruses/malware and nothing. I check all the drivers up to date nothing. I updated the BIOS and nothing.

Can anyone help? I can post videos and screen shots if needed.
What's the full spec of the system? You can post a screenshot of Speccy if you're not sure.

What are the CPU and GPU temperatures? You can use something like HWinfo.

When you say it's being slow overall, you mean it's being slow even just on the desktop? Doing things like opening a browser? How slow relative to how it used to be?
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