Question Why is my GPU utilization only 50-60% with low fps on Warzone 2.0?

Dec 1, 2022
I recently upgraded my GPU to a 3080 FE. I expected to get higher frames when playing Warzone 2 but I am only getting about 100 fps no matter what graphics quality settings I use. When I play Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer my system functions great. I can get around 240-250 fps on low settings and 180-200 on ultra. My GPU usage is between 90-100% in multiplayer. When I launch into a Warzone game, my GPU usage reads 50-60% and my frames are super low. I don't think it's a cpu bottleneck because my CPU usage is pretty low as well. I'm wondering if anyone knows why this is or what could possibly fix it? I'm stumped. I've updated drivers, updated bios, and tried some things mentioned in forums but nothing has helped. Is it just the game?

Intel i9 11900K
RTX 3080 FE
ROG Maximus XIII Hero Z590
Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 32gb (2x16) DDR4 3600MHz

Any ideas?
Dec 2, 2022
A lot of people with this issue. I myself have this issue and not reddit, or any forum has found an actual full solution. Some believe the only option is waiting for a game or NVidia update, but no one actually knows if this is the problem or will fix it.
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