Buying PC tommorow around 1000$

Sep 14, 2023
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I'm trying to build a pc that I'm going to buy my brother tommorow so I want to know wether I chose right GPU and CPU:
Gpu: since I'm limited to two manufacturers either
XFX 6700 Speedster Swift 10gb
PowerColor Fighter 6700 10gb
both are around 345$

CPU: R7 7700 = 415$

I've done quite a research and tbh these two seemed to be the best value for price, maybe I can go with sapphire 6700xt which is 410$.
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We can't comment without knowing the context of how those parts fit the rest of the system, and what kind of use the PC s for. Please follow this guide:

Yeah, get the 6700xt, 6700 is quite weak due to cut shader units, cut memory, cut memory bus, cut L3 cache. It will struggle with 1440p. You can take the non-xt if you're using 1080p and have no plans to change.
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