a bot is an AI that takes the place of humans , they take several forms , on gambling sites some very shifting people use bots instead of real people and their sole purpose is to stop you from winning. They are used on the games as well and their is an easy test to see if your player a bot or a person , if the game has a chat function just ask the bot/person some random questions and see if you get a reply.

They are used in multiplayer games for several reasons , they can be their to make up for lack of real users or they can be used to beat you , if you dont know your playing against a bot and keep getting beat it could trigger you into purchasing items with micro payments in the hope that you will win.
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They're also used in forums and discussion sites to try to get people to trust them, and then either advertise or troll.
Oh come on, that craziness was debunked years ago! Don't you remember when the
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Based on my own experience, bots are usually seen on mmorpg games. A player will have bot accounts for auto-farming resources like in MIR4 and other NFT mmorpg games.

Some also think that the game itself is inserting bots to fill up dungeon parties for the players to lessen the waiting time, because there aren't enough people playing the game.

Imo, it's unfair for the real players. Most of the time, real players have a hard time playing the game because too much bots on server will cause too much lagging and lots of game crash.
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