Bots in Battlefield (AI)

Feb 18, 2021
Hi all,

Does anyone know if there are any bot mods for Battlefield 1 or Battlefield V so the maps can be played single player?

The old Battlefield games up to BF2 (I believe), all had bots that could be added to maps and some of the best mods for those games all included options for 64+ bots on every map. I had an incredible time playing Forgotten Hope and Desert Combat with 64 bots on all the maps. BF2 had some great bot mods too.

My biggest issue with the newer battlefields is that with no bot options, you are limited to the maps that are currently being played on the servers and as the games become less popular, more and more of the content starts to become inaccessible and unpopular maps are never touched. BF1 and BFV have some amazing maps and I want to try them all with 64 players but this is not possible.

I also want a more relaxed experience and sometimes just mess around on a 64 bot server. I want to play all the maps from the base games and expansions but I can't. It seems like such a waste.
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