Books about Gaming—broad strokes…

…so not about a single game—no guides or walkthrus etc.

What books do you know of which provide a good overview of some aspect of gaming? That you'd like to eg give or get as a birthday present.

@Zloth twigged the idea elsewhere by suggesting:

A book I got for a console-gamer friend a couple of years ago, which he loved, was:

One I have on my Wishlist is:
Aug 10, 2021
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i realy love the look of 'the games console-a history in photographs' -ill have a look on wensday to see if its available in the UK.

there is this book/magazine (technicaly its a magazine in style but its a book-its got an ISBN code) called 'ultimate retro hardware guide' (4th edition, and its by future publishing) , its a great one off mag/book,for any other PS1 fans its even got some comments in it from high up net yaroze developers-net yaroze being the development platform that home developers used).
only 2 mainly empty pages on the sega saturn though and they pick nights as the best and only saturn game to discuss,shocking.
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