Question [BIOS]No boot device detected

Dec 4, 2022
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Hi everyone, today i was building my "new" pc, because i took my old ssd's to this one, and when i started my PC automatically shows the BIOS.
It detects the storage as you will see in the photo, but in the boot organizer doesn't seem to work well because it's empty. I tried to remove the battery to reset, remove all the hardware, update BIOS and nothing.
The disks work in my old PC.
I will be so grateful for all the solves that you guys giving me :)
You better off clean installing on a new PC instead of trying to get an old install to run.
Is this windows 10?

Put the drive back in old PC so you can set it up to transfer licence to new one, see here -

once its ready to move licence, then you can put it in new one and install windows on it:

On another PC, download the Windows 10 media creation tool and use it to make a win 10 installer on USB

boot from installer

follow this guide:

Windows Boot Manager will be used by PC to boot windows once its installed.

Only have the drive you want windows in the PC when you install.
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