Pre-built CyberPowerPC—No display or KB or mouse

Apr 24, 2023
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I have a cyberpower pc pre-built that shows no display when I turn it on. I bought it since 2018 and it was fine maybe getting high temperatures, but nothing too crazy. Then one day, the display suddenly turned off also with the keyboard and mouse. The fans and the lights kept on running. I have changed only the thermal paste and I have tried trouble shooting with my friends pc so we plug in working rams and nothing, we changed the gpu and nothing. Keyboard, mouse, monitor different hdmi and power cable and nothing. I have never updtaded the bios idk if it could be that. We also tried the cmos battery reset and nothing. I wanted to ask what could it be. My friend and I kind of narrowed it down to either the power supply or motherboard, but I wanted some help and knowledge from you guys on what should I do?

My cpu is amd ryzen 7 3600
Geforce rtx 2070 super
Dual Ddr4 8gb ram sticks
Mobo is gigabyte b450m

[Mod edit: changed title for clarity from "Help! My pre-built cyberpower pc display suddenly turned off and hasn't turned back on also with the keyboard and mouse".]
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