Best GPU for i3-10100?

Dec 16, 2022
I'm currently using an acer aspire tc-895, the cpu that came with it is an i3-10100, since I'm pretty new to this I don't know what graphics card would be best paired with this setup, I'm looking for something that's decently priced (less than $200 hopefully) and can run most games stable

I'm mostly gonna be playing things like destiny 2 and overwatch for anyone wondering

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Welcome to the forum :)

Our experts are going to need a lot more info before they can help you. Have a look at:
Dec 16, 2022
thank you! I followed the link, copy and pasted this template

Why Are You Upgrading: I can run destiny 2 with the basic intel graphics ,but it doesn't look the greatest at all and stutters sometimes if I don't turn the graphics down pretty far, so I was wondering what graphics card would be best to make this game look better while also being able to run it at a constant 30-40 frames maybe even 60-70 if I'm lucky.

Budget: $200-$250 but it'd be nice if I could find one for cheaper

Approximate Purchase Date: e.g.: this month

Use Case: everything, I already use it to do most tasks like surfing the web, watching stuff but I would like to be able to get a graphics upgrade so my games can look exquisite and I might be able to run more AAA titles like maybe GTA 5 and halo infinite

Parts to Upgrade:

Are you buying a monitor: No

Your Monitor Resolution and desired frame rate: I don't know exactly what to put for this but my settings say my resolution is 1920 x 1080, and I'm looking to hopefully get around 40-60 frames in AAA titles

Preferred Website(s) for Parts? anywhere as long as it's not some random sketchy site

Parts Preferences: any graphics card as long as its compatible with my setup, I'm mainly looking to run destiny 2 like I stated but it'd be nice to run the new modern warfare 2

Maybe, I don't exactly know what this means
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Hi @Beastious and welcome.

According to this review of the system:

This motherboard does include a PCI Express x16 slot, but your options for adding a graphics card are limited. Aside from the size restriction of the case for larger GPUs (you have about 6 inches of clearance from the PCI card backplane to the metal drive frame in front), the included power supply unit (PSU) is only 300 watts. It uses non-standard power connections to juice the mainboard, however (no standard 24-pin ATX power connection), so swapping in a different, higher-watt PSU to power a beefy graphics card is a no-go, or at least not easy.

A low-powered, slot-power-only video card could be a solution, but you're otherwise restricted. Some calculations we did on the venerable Outervision PSU Calculator suggest you could squeak in a GeForce GTX 1650 card with the PSU in this configuration, provided the card is short enough and doesn't need a dedicated power connector.

So you are not able to replace the power supply with anything stronger due to the use of proprietary connectors, and what is in there is not enough juice for most modern cards. On top of that there is not much physical space in the case either.

A card like this is the most powerful option that will probably work.

I just want to add that I'm not 100% sure it will fit in the case, or 100% sure the included power supply in the system will power it long term. These types of prebuilts are not designed with upgrades and expansion in mind unfortunately.

I'm afraid thats the best advice I can offer, I'm pretty sure that card will work but I have never dealt with your model of system so the advice is only based on what I can find online. Good luck!
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