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May 2, 2020
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I have a Acer Predator Helios 300(i5-8300H, GTX 1050Ti 4GB, 128GB SSD+1 TB HDD, 8GB 2666MHz RAM single stick). I am planning to upgrade the RAM. Now my questions are:

1. Will there be any meaningful benefits if I do upgrade RAM?

2. If so,to what capacity should I upgrade? 16GB or 12GB before I hit diminishing returns?

3. Also is it better to remove the stock stick and install 2 new ones or it's fine just to install a new one in the empty slot with stock one in place?

I usually play AAA games at 1080p in combination of medium to low settings. Frame rate is important for me, not the visual quality. And I'm quite happy to play at 30FPS


May 3, 2020
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Hi, from what I've seen and heard i would say get another stick of 8gb at the same speed as you are on intel anything above 16gb is overkill at the moment unless you are using it as a work station and you should really focus on upgrading your gpu if anything :)
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Agreed with the above, though it's a laptop with a 1050 ti so they won't be able to upgrade GPU

1) You may see performance gains in some games, both from the extra RAM capacity but also from the RAM being used in dual channel (more bandwidth).

2) 16gb. Small-ish price difference. Having 1 stick of 4gb and 1 stick of 8gb can also limit how much of the RAM is available dual channel.

3) You are very likely to be able to buy a single 8gb stick and add it in alongside your existing RAM, rather than needing to replace the current RAM andbuy a matched kit.

Use CPU-Z's SPD tab to see what the timings of your RAM are. Buy a stick with the same frequency and timings. CPU-Z even shows you the model number if you want to try to source the same.

Crucial, who make and sell SSDs and RAM, may also offer to sell you RAM they guarantee is compatible with your existing kit via an app on their website.
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