I need help with choosing my RAM

Jun 14, 2020
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Hello everyone! As the title says, I need help with choosing what RAM should I get.

I stated in a post that I made yesterday that I want to buy 32 GB of RAM. But I don't know what kit I should buy, I would like 2x16 GB (dual channel) with a speed of 2666MHz or higher. My current RAM stick is 2666MHz and I would like equal to this or higher, not a downgrade in speed and an upgrade in the memory only.

I forgot to say in the post from yesterday that I'm going to use this PC for occasional streaming/recording and I would like everything to run smooth. (I will stream / record mostly AAA games with graphics on high/ultra and a few Opera tabs open, as I have dual monitors and can check everything else on the second monitor.)

My budget is around 150$ for RAM, I don't know if it's enough for a Dual Channel kit, but I hope it is. If it's not, I'll go with Single Channel (still 32GB).

edit: I don't really need links for the kits, just their name, because I'm from Romania and there are different sites and I can't really buy from Amazon etc...
This is a bit all over the place.

Your post yesterday said it was for 'futureproofing', which I explained is unlikely to work as a gamble.

Recording and streaming gameplay is not particularly demanding on RAM.

What would make at least as big a different as more RAM would be higher frequency RAM. Whether you decide to just buy 32gb anyway because you can and you want to, or whether you decide to stick to 16gb, you would ideally want at least 3000MHz RAM. Which your current memory can't do.

You could sell your existing RAM stick.

You won't want to keep it with new, faster RAM in the system, because of the various issues that can be caused by having mixed RAM kits with mixed frequencies and timings.


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