New Types of HDD's & Recommendations?


I need a little guidance regarding new types of Storage? Emphasis on Internal but also interested in some Bulk External too.

I know there are a lot of funny weird shaped tiny little internal drives etc that I know nothing about. I'm not sure what each kind/genre/type of device is for?

for example - "WD Black SN750 500GB SSD NVMe PCIe M.2 Internal Drive Gaming WDS500G3X0C" (BTW how does this help gaming? Will it help Music Production or general pc usage too?

<b>My Specs are at the bottom for reference ok!</b>

What other kinds of HDD's (Internal/external) should I be using?

What can I use with my PC as is now and what adapters and stuff would I need to buy to use some of these newer things (and how much are they) eg the NVMe PCIe M.2 thing - will I need to upgrade my PCIe stuff?? And what about things like eSata and all that? What's new there?

Apart from Umart - where are the best/reliable places to buy this stuff online/bricks mortar? Always been hesitant to buy anything for a PC that's not in a shop... is it way riskier to get HDD's and things delivered - gonna get damaged in transit?

I'm totally out of the loop regarding this stuff, bought my last PC at least 5-10 years ago now. I currently have a 120gb Samsung SSD as System Drive for Win 8 - but I PLAN TO UPGRADE to Win 10 Very SOON - that's important to note ok.

Also have, 4TB WD Mybook and a slew of old WD Blacks.
In the past I've always preferred WD for Internal and External Drives, so that's my preference - but I'm open to new ideas if better.

NOTE - I intend to do a lot of Multitrack Recording/Mixing/Music Production in something like Ableton Live/Logic/Cubase/Pro Tools/Adobe Auditions etc. Both MIDI and Live Audio recording.

I'm thinking should I get a separate Scratch Disk for this Music stuff alone (and maybe some heavy Photoshop or Video Editing too but definitely the Music)? SSD or just WD Black internal ok or tiny new things?

Can a Scratch Disk help in general with PC's now? eg my mammoth browser load? or it that just RAM?

I might want to play some high end games again but it's no priority - just a maybe. So not interested in upgrading Video Cards/RAM etc for now. Also, intend to watch a lot of 4K content streamed and from files on PC, and streamed to my TV with Chromecast. That and heavy browsing (millions of tabs/windows).

I'm not rich - but want to get the rich amount of storage and type at the point where you get the most value for least money. Which reminds me - can you comment on which types of storage are most cost effective for what kind of tasks? or just compared to each other?

So what System Drive should I get for Windows 10 - Our 120gb Samsung SSD was no where near enough. I would like minimum size and more realistic bigger recommended size so you aren't going to run into problems when it fills up with updates etc down the track? Should it be an SSD or one of these new ones?

I don't remember the limitations of what number and what types of drives I can install in my MOBO? But my main storage should be Internal - just usual WD Blacks (what are they 3.5?) or something else - diff type?

And can someone give me the short version of a summary of the new WD colours? Still stick to black or not? I'm not running any servers etc. Just regular PC.

I want to make some backups of a lot of my stuff if not all of it - so again - what's the cheapest/most reliable types to use for that? Internals or Ext's? or DVDS or new kinds of DVDS? or the new tiny drive things etc? So out of the loop!

Probably want drives in lots of 4GB if that's economical - maybe 2-5 x that amount overall - excluding system drive and Scratch drive. No set numbers. Just looking for the sweet spots when it comes to drive sizes for bang for buck?

If you can point me to any good guides for specific types of things to look up that would be killer.

Any ideas or advice would be great, thanks for helping.

<b>These are the basic specs of my system below:</b>

Gigabyte Z77X-D3H, cpu Intel i7-3770 @ 3.40GHz, 3.90 GHz
64 Bit Win 8.1 Pro
But will be upgrading to Win 10 Pro
Sapphire Radeon HD 7970 OC with Boost 3GB DDR5

thank you
500gb ssd should be enough space for windows. what do you need multiple tb of space for?

You probably be fine still with hdd for most storage still, as the prices of 4tb ssd is so higher its cheaper still to get hdd.
A 4tb Samsung ssd costs $AUD 710,

I can get a 4tb hdd for less than 100.

Your PC isn't fast enough to benefit from the faster ssd, you likely be fine with just a sata ssd, don't need nvme as your motherboard probably doesn't have the right slots.
So no point looking at the small new ones.

Umart aren't so bad, I bought my monitor from them last year. Depends where you are in Australia, I have used Auspcmarket a few times and PC Case Gear as well.
looking at board, he can have
4 x 6gb sata
4 x 3gb sata
1 msata slot

Now there is no speed difference between msata and sata 6gb so might as well just use the sata ssd/hdd
could have 8 drives but 4 of them be slower.
can't run msata and one other drive lanes at same time - The SATA2 5 connector will become unavailable when the mSATA connector is installed with a solid state drive.

It would likely be cheaper to just get 2tb ssd but he wants drives in 4tb amounts, a WD 4tb hdd is at most 200 max compared to $710 for an ssd of same capacity. Price of WD drive depends on which color you get - link

or just get a few 8tb drives like suggested on Tom's hardware. Price difference is only $100 more between 4tb and 8tb hdd.
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