Help finding a PC RPG game from ~2000-2007!

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May 16, 2024
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I know it may sound ridiculous, but as the last step in my effort, I've simplistically sketched what I can remember of the game's opening map.

1- Village where you start, make negotiations (sell and buy) and also where there is a woman who regenerates your HP.

2- In the north of this map there is something similar to a vineyard.

3- A huge iron gate that separates the game’s phases.

4- The path that leads to this gate has some pipes releasing steam.

5- Path that leads to another gate which is Phase II of the game.

6- Location of Phase I of the game, where the player can walk and explore freely and which contains many enemies to be faced.

Edit: drawings have never been my strong point. I hope this doesn't offend you.



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