ARGB Fan Configuration

Sep 21, 2023
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I would like your help with my ARGB fan kits. I have two 3 in 1 ARGB fan kits.
- Tuf gaming TF120 ARGB
Aures Froz ARGB 3 x Fans Pack

I connected both to the ARGB connectors (5V) of my ASUS Tuf gaming Z790 Plus Wifi D4 motherboard.
The 6 fans are managed correctly (RGB works). I can differentiate each set of fans separately (Example: 3 in red, 3 in green).

What I would like to do is to manage each fan separately (example: one Asus fan in red, the other in green, and the 3rd in blue). but I tried with all RGB management software without success (Armory Crate, ICUE, SignalRGB, OpenRGB.....etc).

I can manage my Lian-LI Galahad 240 SL watercooling separately (example: Pump AIO in green, One fan in yellow and the other in Red).
If anyone can help me thank you in advance.
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