Question Do I need a fan controller/hub?

Apr 5, 2024
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i'm currently upgrading my pc into a new case (h9 flow) and i'm getting a new motherboard, turns out that my motherboard has these fan headers:

Cooling Fan Support1 x CPU fan header
1 x Pump fan header
5 x System fan headers
Other Connectors1 x M.2 slot, Type 2242/2260/2280/22110 (PCIe Gen4)
1 x M.2 slot, Type 2242/2260/2280 (PCIe Gen4 or SATA)
2 x 3-pin ARGB LED header
1 x 4-pin RGB LED header

i'm planning on getting 6x side fans (3 on one side, 3 down), 1x exhaust fan and an aio with 3 fans, they're all with rgb

how do i manage all that? do i need a fan connector, splitter or a hub? maybe i should get a different motherboard? (i7 13700f, ddr4)

well, the AIO fans are all linked together in a daisy chain so they only need 1 power and one rgb connection on motherboard
EK-OmniLink – allows daisy chaining of multiple fans, thus reducing cable clutter and greatly easing cable management. The Omni-Link ecosystem of interconnects will be greatly expanded in the near future, allowing additional benefits to users. It uses Micro-fit 8-pin connectors between products. The EK-OmniLink design resolves the cable clutter issues of unifying the connection of multiple fans onto a single PWM and D-RGB header while still maintaining full flexibility if the user wants to remove a single fan from the chain.
I would use the pump header for it, but I would check in instructions first to make sure that is okay, as my AIO didn't want to be attached that way.
I would give exhaust fan its own header, mainly as there is normally one right near it on mb.

leaving 4 headers for 6 fans.. if you run them off a hub they will all run same speeds. I would probably three eof them off a hub and the other 3 can have their own header... unless that is messy. really depends if you want control of their individual speed.Being PWM you can still alter it but if three all same header, they all run at same speed.

i wish i had 5 headers, I only have 3 and used to have 3 intakes and 3 exhausts and it was a loud system. two more headers would have meant I have a spare and could have run my two top exhaust fans at different speeds. they made odd noises when run at same speed. After I replaced my old AIO I took one exhaust out as it wasn't really doing a lot where it was. I should have done it before but I paid good money for 3 Noctua fans and I was going to use them... even if I didn't need them.
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