Alienware X16 R2 vs Asus Strix 2024 vs Legion 9i Gen 9

Mar 14, 2024
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I'm thinking of buying a gaming PC to replace my setup (Gaming desktop + laptop).

I'm hesitating between :
- Alienware X16 R2 (4090 / 32go 7500 Mhz)
- Legion 9i Gen 9 (4090 / 64go 6000 Mhz)
- Asus Strix Scar 2024 (4090 / 64 go 5600 Mhz)

Do you have any advice? Back to top Reviews?

I'm seeing a lot of negative reviews of Alienware, even though it's been a dream of mine for a long time, which doesn't inspire confidence.

Thanks a lot!
PS : i have a Wifi 7 modem

negative reviews of Alienware

I have an Alienware Aurora R6 from 2017, and it's been rock-solid in constant use 16x7x365 ever since.

I'm not familiar with current models—one of our experts will probably comment soon—but the glaring negative of mine is the difficulty of working inside it. It has a big swing-out cage for the PSU which is probably supposed to help, but hinders for me. I wanted to add a HDD but couldn't—no slots, I had to replace the one inside with another. Only drive I could add was a second SSD.

I've also seen it said that Dell use a lot of proprietary parts, which may make it difficult or expensive to repair or upgrade—but wait for expert comment.