Question Affordable TKL mechanical keyboard

Jun 29, 2020
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Hi all,

After a decade of service my aging Logitech Wave keyboard has finally packed it in. To be honest I was hoping it would as it's just not a very good keyboard! Very loud but also very spongy.

I'm now looking for a replacement and would ideally like a TKL mechanical keyboard as my desk is quite small. In the short term it'll be used for typing but I'm also thinking of building a PC early next year so want something that'll be good for gaming.

My key criteria:
- Affordable, ideally around £50-75 max
- UK layout
- Not too loud - I think probably brown or red switches rather than blue
- Good build quality and comfortable to type on
- Some kind of backlighting but I'm not fussed about great RGB features
- A wrist rest would be nice but I can buy a small one easily enough.

I don't care about the brand as long as it's a decent keyboard. All ideas gratefully received...
I'm using HyperX Alloy FPS Pro and can recommend it. Very solid steel frame; not too loud, and got red backlighting with some RBG features. No wrist rest, but I can also recommend the Hyper X wrist rest as it is the same size as the keyboard and also comfortable to use. When you buy the keyboard (at least I got one) you also get a claw thingy that you can use for picking up keyboard keys for cleaning and the like + a couple of extra colored WASD keys.