actually abilities of each card

Dec 17, 2020
Im trying to get a build set up for myself, and have some issues.

Im looking at the gtx 1060 super as my needs are somewhat minimal right now.

How do i figure out what card is the right one based on price to feature? there are alot of companies making them, and well i cant figure out a comparison as some ahve ddr5 and others ddr6, and 3, 4, 6, and 8 gb of Ram installed..

And the size and type of ram doesnt seem to be a part of the price at all. meaning there are 4 gb cards that cost more then 6 or 8 gb cards.


The first thing to do is narrow down the games/game titles/game engine that you'd like to play on. If you play WoW alone, then picking a card that allows the game to perform well is the right path to take. If you want to settle with a card that allows you to play all titles then you will need to decide if you live with mid to reduced details for the game you intend to play(in the future).

To add, the GTX1060 is an old architecture which also can be a factor in your game's enjoyment. Resolution is another part to factor in and how you intend to connect the monitor to the GPU.

Are you sure you're not looking at the GTX1660(or the RTX2060) Super? The only GTX 1060 Super I can find off of Google is the GTX 1060 Super Jetstream which is not a Super card but a play on words due to a "super" GPU cooler.
Dec 17, 2020

this inventory page has me asking the question, if its essentially the same thing, there shouldnt be a 500$ price spread.

But looking further the NVIDIA GTX 1650 SUPER does seem to be a better card to get,

I honestly do not have any games to play at this time. I havent played a pc game in maybe 4-5 years. As the system I am replacing was just a "watch the internet and do basic photo editing".

I used to play Tomb Raider 1,2,3 alot. Angel of Darkness was good on the graphics looks.

I liked Summoner for the graphics.

CONTROL seems interesting, although building my own weapons brings vibes of things i disliked in tomb raider chronicles like combining stuff together.

State of Decay has zombie mooses,,,, what more can i say?

The new tomb raider line up, i see the 1650 super does seem it can do witcher 3

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