Question A Fun Game That isn't Souls-Like

Oct 16, 2022
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hello. so I'm asking a bit of an opposite question here. I'm looking for games that are essentially fun to play, but don't have that near of a challenge like souls like games have. It's all I play; Sekiro, GTFO (slow version of darktide but still fun),40k darktide (which fits the bill but unfortunely im gonna have to wait cause closed beta just ended), Midnight fight express, Dark Souls, Nioh, and while they are fun and I enjoy playing them, I feel like I'm starting to grow an addiction to that playstyle, and every other game I try playing feels slow, easy, or not as rewarding as they do. Any recommandtions for games that I can more or less "sit back and play" and preferably little to no cutscenes. PC,ps4,swtich, Steam deck (well not right now but maybe on christmas ill get it).
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I guess if you like Warhammer Darktide and have to wait until it releases, id suggest trying Warhammer Vermintide 1 and 2 which is made by the same company. They can be laid back as much as you want and i feel its fun and casual. Its set up the same way too as darktide so if you enjoyed Darktide, youll enjoy Vermintide.

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