Question 5800x3d upgrade is it worth it ?

Jul 13, 2022
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so right now i got 5600x paired with asus strix 3080ti oc edition and i'm thinking of replacing the cpu with 5800x3d and i have a few questions.
1. How much of a difference will i gain in games? i mostly play offline AAA titles like hitman and tomb raider cyberpunk 2077
2.power consumptions currently i have seasonic focus gx 850w keep in mind that i have asus strix 3080ti oc edition will it be enough to power both of them? I didn't oc the card and not planning to, actually i undervolted the card for better thermals
3. general thoughts like i will be selling my 5600x when i get 5800x3d will that justify this purchase ? gaining some money back so you don't feel you spent a lot ,I'm not looking for the most fps i just want to see smooth movement on ultra graphics i want to see what i paid for
4.future proving how long will this setup last? Vs getting like 5950x per say i'll not get the new generation and probably not the one after it either so after let's say 8 years from now how will it perform? I know it's tough one but just try to imagine
5.anything else ? I don't know if you have something to add please do :)
Jul 30, 2022
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Personally i wouldn't do it. The 5600X is a really good CPU.

I have a friend who has basically the same build as me except he has a 5600X and i have the 5800X.
His system outperforms mine by 20-30% easily especially in the framerate department.

Maybe i got just a bad GPU or something but it frustrates me as i spent way more money having mine custom built and his was just an ebuyer pre-built.


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