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  1. Zloth

    Where did the destruction go!?

    I watched this video and got surprised by entry #7 View: He's right, the destruction physics has been fading away. There's still some here and there in various games and even some games that concentrate on them, but the popularity seems to be...
  2. Lutfij

    How To How to Improve FPS on PC

    Have you ever been playing your favorite game when suddenly it starts playing out like a slide show? If you're a gamer, you're likely very familiar with that experience. The good news is that this is something that you can improve upon by following some troubleshooting steps for both software...
  3. W

    How to diagnose graphics blackout

    Hi. I need help finding out how to diagnose aproblem. I've just upgraded to an M2 HDDfor the C Drive and I'm having an interesting issue with the graphics disappearing. My setup in the sig below, I haven't added or changed anything performance related for the graphics, just the M2 SSD. I had...
  4. beardboy

    Is intel's integrated Iris plus 645 1536 MB much better than the Iris 6100 1536 MB

    Im just trying to compare integrated GPUs to see if the new Macbook can really do much more than my current 2015.
  5. B

    CoD Warzone - Graphics Help

    Can anyone tell me why I have so much “noise” in my Warzone game? I’ve attached an example below where you can see the operators chest and shoulders have a lot of “noise” (not sure if that’s the correct term). I have an RTX 2070 Max-P with AA set to Filmic SMAA T2X and all filmic strength...
  6. crypter_jarvis

    Regarding Graphics

    I play apex legend on my 1650 gtx and 8 gigs ram ,i5 9th gen proscessor My monitor refresh rate is 60hz and i have disabled v sync and anti aliasing and my fps goes up to 30 to 120 so will there be any adverse effect on my cpu or monitor or gpu and whats the use of enabling anti aliasing and...
  7. Y

    Question What causes bad graphics?

    Hi, when I play games on my custom gaming PC, the graphics look really awful, like in Fortnite, it all just looks square and smudged. In my Fortnite settings, it auto-recommended the lowest preset, but I've tried it on a higher one, but doesn't change the graphics and kills the FPS. I don't know...
  8. B

    Warzone Graphics Settings

    Hi - I’m brand new to pc gaming, I’ve been on console for as long as I can remember. I just bought a gaming laptop because I travel every week for work, but I can’t seem to find the right settings for COD Warzone (textures seem off, frequent screen tearing etc.). I’m hoping somebody can walk...
  9. zfoell

    Upgrading graphics card; quick PSU question

    I have an old Lenovo desktop that runs games alright, and I'm not looking to go in on a full-blown rig yet. I have an Nvidia GeForce GT 730, and a 280W PSU. I am getting an Nvidia GeForce GTX 750 Ti, and all of its spec sheets say it is designed to operate on a 300W PSU (btw my desktop's spec...
  10. E

    Do you know any good graphics settings/tweaks site?

    The best that I found is the NVIDIA GeForce guides site (, it's pretty neglected and it doesn't have a search function, but those guides for the games are amazing. Another site that I am using isn't about graphics, but "general workarounds and fixes"...
  11. EazeeOne23

    Red Dead Redemption 2 performance as of now?

    Hi all, I'm interested in purchasing the game. I'd like to know how the game fares now in terms of performance. I'm only really interested in hearing from people who's setups have a GTX 10xx series or below. We all know the game generally plays well on the 20xx series but since they have a lot...