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  1. PCG Katie

    Question Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060: What do you REALLY want to know?

    Hey, you amazing lot. Katie from the PCG Hardware team here with a 🔥 b u r n i n g 🔥 q u e s t i o n 🔥 I've been sent by a higher power (i.e. my boss) to ask what YOU want to know most about Nvidia's upcoming GeForce RTX 3060, set to hit markets in late Feb. Of course, we'll be doing a...
  2. Baker6

    Upgrading desktop to gaming pc

    I have a desktop computer with... CPU - Intel i7-4790 GPU - Built In Intel HD 4600 Motherboard - Inspiron 3847 Power Suppy - 300W Yeechan I would like to be able to game and wirelessly do VR. Everything is so laggy and crashes a lot. I am guessing it is my graphics card. I want to buy and new...
  3. S

    Graphics cards PSU connectors

    Hey there, I'm upgrading a HP h9-1460ea from the original GPU from Nvidia GTX 660 to the GTX 1660 Super. AS far as I can tell, the card should fit physically in the case, and the PSU should be sufficient (600W). The PSU model number is DPS-600WB A, and I've already checked the BIOS and it is...
  4. J

    What monitor to buy (if any) with a possible graphics card update in 12-18 months

    Hi there I'm all new to the PC upgrade gig - I have just got back into gaming (after kids) and previously was on Xbox. My current PC is pretty new, and was bought for work. It has decent CPU and RAM (Intel i9-9900K an 32 GB ram) and an OK GPU (GTX1650). Currently running a pair of old 1080...