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Apr 14, 2024
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I continually find new channels to explore like Yes Theory or Veritasium, which are both interesting even educational in the case of the later.

Have you guys seen these random compilations where 'Parents smash childrens electronics'. They're interesting as it shows how gadgets and gaming are the main generational trigger for many parents. I imagine that these parents don't do gaming and don't get it.

But to see these parents physically smashing PS4's or whatever, that they probably paid for. Also the youngsters reaction. Losing their systems is like the loss of a friend to them.

I'd have thought youngsters got into less real trouble by gaming. Also if the child was say obsessed with a board game like Go or chess, would the parents react the same way. Or is anti-gaming hype playing into this.

The guy behind Veritasium used to be a science teacher and now he uses media to make it interesting. Like this one expaining that electricity doesn't flow through those overhead cables.
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Nowadays have interest in sci fi.

Yesterday, Mega64 celebrated their 21st anniversary as “content creators”. They are most known for their video games in real life skits where they play as video game characters doing what is normal to them in the game but out in public. They have also done tons of other video game related sketches including the one I linked to above.

They are the epitome of being independent and true to yourself. They have incredible work ethic, unmatched creativity in their videos, and a love for what they do that cannot be surpassed. At 21 years strong you would think they would either have quit by now or that they would have millions of subscribers, but neither of those are the case. They do have videos with lots of views, but on average for their sketches, it hovers around the 50k views range which, for YouTube, is pretty bad. But the devoted fan base they’ve created keeps them afloat in many ways.

Despite all of that, they continue to make the videos they think is funny and that they want to see, not what they think will play into the algorithm the best or what will be the most viral or clickable, and for that I have to applaud them. These guys literally do what they think is funny and if you don’t then that’s okay, it’s not meant for you. That has always been something I gravitated towards when it comes to musicians, game makers, directors, etc., wanting to make the thing YOU think is good and not listening to other forces telling you what you should actually make instead.

In the video above, they were commissioned by the Game Developers Conference to make a video for PlayStation creator Ken Kutaragi on his lifetime achievement award acceptance. Two things about that: one, being trusted by GDC to make a video is certainly an achievement in itself, and two to be trusted with the man that helped evolve the entire video game landscape as we know it today is incredibly impressive. It just goes to show the love and passion these guys have for their craft, and that goes a long way with people who can recognize it.

Anyways, I love Mega64, they deserve all the flowers. I’ve watched them for nearly 15 years but lately I’ve been on a huge kick and rewatching all their old sketches.
Um, possibly. Strange things happen in this country. I wouldn't put it past someone.
not sure about learning it in school in the 1970's. She wasn't that big here.,.. just a few songs.
Not like we worshipped her or anything... unlike ABBA in 1976, Of the 52 weeks in the year, they had a song as number 1 for 30 of them.

I don't know if I want it in my search results.

Seems its true. But since its unofficial, it isn't important. It was announced to commemorate her death... I can only think some idiot thinks she important to us as she was in the 3rd and worst movie of the Max Max Trilogy, Good thing they never made any more movies in that series after that disaster... whistles.
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