YT channels and random interests.

I continually find new channels to explore like Yes Theory or Veritasium, which are both interesting even educational in the case of the later.

Have you guys seen these random compilations where 'Parents smash childrens electronics'. They're interesting as it shows how gadgets and gaming are the main generational trigger for many parents. I imagine that these parents don't do gaming and don't get it.

But to see these parents physically smashing PS4's or whatever, that they probably paid for. Also the youngsters reaction. Losing their systems is like the loss of a friend to them.

I'd have thought youngsters got into less real trouble by gaming. Also if the child was say obsessed with a board game like Go or chess, would the parents react the same way. Or is anti-gaming hype playing into this.

The guy behind Veritasium used to be a science teacher and now he uses media to make it interesting. Like this one expaining that electricity doesn't flow through those overhead cables.

Isn't there always one of those? It was rock music and disco in my day—in retrospect, they might've had a point, but whatever :D

I was thinking at one time children would have raced small cars, or played war games in the woods, or gone on an adventure along the river........but now they do it virtually playing with friends from around the world.

I just can't imagine a parent saying, 'that's it I'm smashing your scalextric'. Or if an adolescent was playing chess all night......a parent smashing the game. Why do virtual games get them so heated.

The Yes Theory guys take some simple ideas that turn out to be interesting; travelling across Iraq or Afghanistan recently, or hitching a ride on a container ship, spending time with wolves.

In this one a guy with ADHD and obsessed with gadgets, always on screens, goes into sensory deprivation to reset his mind.

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at one time children would have raced small cars, or played war games in the woods, or gone on an adventure along the river
Oh right, disco came in later years :) Yeah, adventures in hedgerows, 'fishing' in streams, or playing sports would be the equivalent during younger years.

Why do virtual games get them so heated
Speculative guess: Cos they can't see what's going on, can't poke head in and see the cars going round. Add in scare stories about internet abuse and a parent's ever-present fear can become terror for a short while.
Speculative guess: Cos they can't see what's going on, can't poke head in and see the cars going round. Add in scare stories about internet abuse and a parent's ever-present fear can become terror for a short while.
I think those parents smashing electronics points out a clear line between older non gamers and gamers. I think in some ways they are threatened by something that draws their children's attention. They feel the loss of control.
Sony the pied piper.

It's like whole worlds of escapism and connection to other people are to them embodied in a console, in a box of electronics. It never bothered me that my son was gaming even before he got me into it.

I also enjoy stuff like Mortimer and Whitehouse Gone Fishing channel(no tv). Drones have done a lot for filming countryside.

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While I obviously enjoy gaming, I also like understanding what the dev teams are doing. The more I understand the set up and systems the better player I become(that's the theory).

I mostly play stealth games so here's another one from Game Maker's Toolkit explaining stealth systems mostly in terms of how enemies are alerted by player's character(it's the first of Three).

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What's the food like?

Sounds to me like it would be slimming… very slimming :oops:
You can still eat with a VR headset on! That's just a fun vid above, but it covers a lot of the things we've been discussing. Everyone in the Metaverse obviously chooses the sort of avatar they'd like to be. At first he encounters many people just standing in front of mirrors looking at themselves(not quite sure why).

He makes a friend and throws a party, and each day he goes to a different place, some are gaming worlds, others are virtual recreaction of Paris, or a desert, Mars, etc. His wife brings him food and he gets food delivered, and his dad visits him. I don't think anyone would really do it 24/7, but a balance it between reality and escapism.

It also makes him appreciate the real world and his family and finally he meets up in reality with the friend he made in the Metaverse.
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vid above … covers a lot of the things we've been discussing
Oh all right, I'll go watch it *sulk*

Oh HEY! I like this guy, he wants to replicate the best guy IRL—Bryan!!

Then he goes and downgrades to a Stormtrooper. What? A Stormtrooper… How could you, that's such a step down!

I only lasted thru 9 minutes of that, sorry—reminds me very much of messing around in Second Life nearly 20 years ago. Not much has changed apart from the graphics, it seems.
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So I've been looking at the NoClip-Video Games Documentaries(that Zloth recommended).

There's docs on some of those stealth games we talked about like Thief, Dishonoured and Hitman + many more.

I think in many ways gaming is still growing up. Trying to cater to the now wide demographic, explore new areas of creativity, new subjects and understand in this doc for example mental health.

In this doc Samantha Cook of Artifact 5 talks about how Montreal is a hub for the gaming industry and how developers can apply to the Canada Media fund to make innovative games.

I'm looking for some studio monitors to combine with a laptop dedicated to audio at present. And of course any of these active speakers would be a great upgrade for any PC.

So like everything these days there's a myriad of choices, specs, prices, etc.

This is a useful channel, which does a comparison, one pair of speaker vs another using the original track with various songs and tunes.

Of course it depends on your current PC setup, and individual hearing and preference, but it does give you an idea of the sound and frequency response.

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Okay here's another gaming channel I've discovered. LetsPlay Community with vids titles like 'Why you should play Farming Simulator 17'.

But the random interest. Which puzzles do/did you enjoy in games?

Two of my favourites were in the WD's games, the CTOS puzzles where you had to turn all the switches to complete the circuit to hack into the system. These were often made more difficult when they added a timer that would reset the system and you'd have to start again from scratch. Although I did find a solution to that as well.

The other involved reading a QR code which was often broken up across several walls and Aiden had to find the right camera in an obscure location to get the angle to be able to scan the complete code and reveal an audio file.

This guy could inspire anyone wishing to build their own gaming PC(he makes it look fun and easy). Here he's reviewing the Hyte Y60 glass PC case which looks amazing when built and offers better air flow for GPU.

His channel look at many of the components we discuss> PC Centric.


Random> while waiting for your Tesla to recharge, drivers can play driving games on their screen and use the cars steering wheel to control the game car. Elon is turning the car into a gaming arcade!
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Here's couple of random puzzles, which some hate but get easier when you figure them out.

This is from Shadow of War, the 3D shattered image which the player has to align to reveal Shelob's memory.


And this from WD's Legion, 'The Belly of the Beast' where the player has to fly a microdrone(with it's own laser) through a winding maze of ducts. Of course there are electric fields and cooling fans that blow the drone into them, locked hatches, cores that melt the drone, obstacles, etc all to protect the central cores which have to be destroyed to continue the mission.

The latter is from the GameBotics channel. As I'm sure you're aware the gaming world is awash with rumours and speculation, but I hope Ubi don't cancel this series. It's always been inventive and just good fun.

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This is a partly a clue for the Quiz:name that movie.

So maybe it's because I've been enjoying Shadow of War(just switched to Brutal level) so much and I think Wuxia stories;), as films and games have great potential. Usually these stories are epic, have great action sequences and complex characters. Also there's a sort of poetry in the palette of colours used in the films, some mystery and magic. So if the games can reach that potential, Wuxia games could be great in the future.

House of Flying Daggers is a favourite film.

Also I'm thinking about the Chinese gaming industry and with about 700 million gamers in China alone. Tencent are just one company with massive revenue in China so the market for these games is already huge and also looking at it's investments worldwide Every game company that Tencent has invested in . This could be a boom time for Chinese game developers and Chinese games as their government has just relaxed the controls brought in a few years ago.

So on the IGN channel here's a trailer

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You asked about Youtube channels in teh other thread, and theres a few I keep tabs on occasionally.

For slightly drier takes on tech news and the type of in depth reviews you only usually get in good written articles:

Hardware Unboxed

and Gamers Nexus

Are the best two I know of.

Actually Hardcore Overclocking if you really want to know the composition of a particular motherboards VRM or similar.

Moores Law is Dead for tech speculation and 'leaks' for fun.



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