Your yet BIGGEST disappointment?


Sep 5, 2022
Thanks to almost every game being more or less "hyped" to some point, it´s almost a regular thing to end up slightly some point.

So what are the titles you were really like "Holy camoly OMFG!!! This is worse than i would ever have thought being possible!"

To me, as a "Marvel-Fan", it´s still THE AVENGERS...and it´s not because of that cringe-worthy superhero-teenie-girl you just don´t care about right from the start.

It´s beyond to me, how in gods name they could have messed up with this on several aspects, especially since devs aren´t complete no-names and actually did great with GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY.

So from 5 gaming sessions with THE AVENGERS, there are at least 3 where i think i´d be better off just de-installing this crap, but then again there are 2 (out of 5) great times with that title, where i really get that "I am Iron-Man!" well...since there aren´t too many Avengers-Games out there, let alone too many Superhero-Games, i must play this one, since i am also not really having in mind going back to ULTIMATE ALLIANCE and sadly INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US is just another one of those more or less dull MORTAL-KOMBAT-RIP-OFFs probably made for 12 year old console-fanboys who get ecstacic with mindlessly mashing buttons.

That latter thing doesn´t mean i haven´t played INJUSTICE, i just couldn´t keep up with this, in my opinion "Button-Mashing Nonsense" and so this makes THE AVENGERS even worse, since that game tends to be "Button-Mashing Nonsense" at times, constantly interrupted with completely utter-crap boring "upgrades" being more of a pain in the ass rather than really making too much of a difference at most times and of course those.....LOL.....microtransactions, where fanboys can sell their soul to get one and the same pracitcally useless skin in all different colors to look at it and being proud of having paid a fortune for it.
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Despite my constant complaining on here, I'm actually a positive person IRL, and there have really only been a couple of times I've been disappointed. Generally speaking, I tend to have pretty realistic expectations, and so even when I end up not really caring for a game, I wouldn't call it being disappointed.

But I was disappointed in the live service game that the Orcs Must Die developers put out after the second game. You couldn't even set traps properly. It was mostly just fighting, which is not what I play a tower defense game for.

The other time was with this American football game. I read all the user reviews and debated for months on whether to buy it or not. I even talked to the developer. I finally bought it and it was absolute crap. It was as if the developers didn't even have a working understanding of the sport.

I tend to get more disappointed in other people's disappointment. Gamers tend to be lemmings who can barely think for themselves. Once a few people start being negative about a game, it just steamrolls and then everyone is negative about it. Dying Light 2 is a perfect example. It's such a great game, but the Legions of the Miserable don't like it. They can't even give you good reasons why.
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I can think of quite a few but heres some:

Cyberpunk 2077 - i haven't played it/bought it but by god we were in for a shock at how disappointing that game fell short. Especially on consoles. With the amount of time, resources and coming off from the high that was the witcher 3 we though cd project red could do no wrong. That said, if they delivered everything that was set out i would no doubts they would have become gaming royalty similar to Valve with Half life.

Games workshop and their ineptitude to make decent games. Especially WH40k ones. i'm not sure why we have more crap then gold when it comes to the games workshop franchise. It should have been a slamdunk win but they keep missing or just farm it off to a cheap developer for a cheap game. A waste of potential. That's not to say that they don't have winners and the tables are slowly turning towards good then bad. But bloody hell, taking GW took long enough. Wheres our WH40K call of duty style shooter? I would love to play as a guards man recapturing a chaos corrupted world during the black crusades and blasting our way through hive cities, trenches or glorious charges against chaos positions. Hell, just splice in random maps and call it the greatest battles of Wh40k and make small mini campaigns from them.
May 11, 2022
It's Hype that puts me off games. It's like you know everyone is going to get excited by say a new game, especially if they've played previous incarnations. Then you get all the articles and speculation before, the movie style trailers, YT pre-reviews, the massive advertising campaign, the Hype, the fanfare,etc.

Then when they've played it out in a short a time as possible, they get the come down.

As ZedClampet says, the naturally positive tend to focus on good points of game, but many other find reasons; 'it not as good as earlier version', 'it's the same as the earlier version', etc, etc, (see Steam forum).

Don't believe the Hype. Wait until it's all calmed down, read some credible balanced reviews, watch some gameplay.

So only Days Gone I find a bit disappointing. I knew it had zombies, which to me are a total waste of time.


Sep 5, 2022
Despite my constant complaining on here, I'm actually a positive person IRL

It´s a common thing these days, to rant about everything and the bigger a hype is, the more people tend to rant!

So anyway, don´t worry, me too!

Now the internet turned into a pretty UGLY place in general. And when it comes to a place like REDDIT?! Uh-oh! "The frontpage of the internet" is rather "The ugly mirror of the internet" on almost all aspects of it with everything so typical for the internet being even worse there.

Now "complaining and ranting about everything" these days and i mean this a serious way!

Just look at youtube!
There are more and more videos like:

"Whats wrong with....."
"Whats bad about...."
"Everything what´s wrong with..."
"Why ....... sucks!"
"The worst ...... ever!" etc. etc.

All spreading negativity and their numbers are constantly growing.

I would also say that they should keep people from giving their "USER-REVIEWS" on the most sites, coz if there is one kind of thing never to be taken any serious on the net these days, then it´s USER-REVIEWS!

Their either made by FANBOYS and are mostly positive when they´re supposed to be either negative or mediocre at best, or it´s trashing-reviews by people ranting when they in fact are just having a bad day.

"When you dance with the devil, the devil don´t change, the devil changes you!" -Remember it whenever you log into the internet! :devilish: :p

Gamers tend to be lemmings who can barely think for themselves. Once a few people start being negative about a game, it just steamrolls and then everyone is negative about it.

If they aren´t behaving like lemmings most of the time, then they turn out to be bandwagoners with still not having any own will as it seems at times, while just following the trail of thousands of other gamers.

There is this guy at my work, he constantly comes with playing THIS title or THAT title and he goes on about why THIS title is so great and THAT title is so good, and when you´re aware of the gaming industry as to what is currently the most talked-about title, then you can easily notice how he actually just tends to like what "everyone else seems to like" as this or that title is currently played by most people or talked about the most.

So when you tell him about this or that "indie gem", then he usually never heard about it, doesn´t know and doesn´t care, as that "indie title" ain´t talked about by everyone so it "must be trash then anyway" according to his braindead lemming-logic.

Honestly hat guy is driving me insane at times so that once i was going at him like:" DO YOU HAVE YOUR OWN WILL OR DO YOU JUST FOLLOW EVERYONE ELSE LIKE A BRAINDEAD MORON?!?!?!?" and he just looked at me like being confused and not having any idea what i am talking about.

Cyberpunk 2077

Of course not everyone has to like this game and of course there are people not liking it, but i somehow got the idea there is this BANDWAGGONING happening again as it is happening so often these days to the point of it almost being "a normal thing", with people just jumping on bandwagons while it doesn´t matters if it´s about hyping a title or trashing one.
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Jan 23, 2020
SD Gundam Battle Alliance

Don't get me wrong, it's still very much an enjoyable experience for me, though my excitement for the game was more or less killed by the Steam Community's uncanny ability to burn bridges with developers working on the Gundam IP. Crap like this makes it impossible for me to feel bad about buying Square-Enix's EGS exclusive games and honestly, I can't help but think we'll need Epic to invest in the Mobile Suit Gundam brand. Heck, I can totally see developers like Illinx, Bandai Namco Studios, and Artdink view Epic's lack of forums and a meaningful review system as a feature, rather than a bug.


Sep 5, 2022
Steam Community

Don´t even get me started on Steam/Valve/Newell as i am already thinking of that one thread to spill my guts on that whole ugly situation and how that whole place seems "going down the gutter" in terms of how consumers are treated and how in fact they absolutely don´t care about them these days.
We have threads along this line already.

Sacred 3

After those I stopped buying anything until after release. Though tbf, I knew Sacred 3 was bad so I didn't buy it.
Spore killed my belief in Hype and Cyberpunk 76 is just a modern example. More people believe hype, more disappointed you will be.
They want to sell you your dreams, shame they can't fulfil them. Trailers there to convince you they can until you get product and realise... too late, you paid... sucker.
Just wait until its out and you can watch people playing it, and see what its really like.
The more noise, the more ripples in the pool, and not all ripples are good *breathes in deep* Sometimes I amaze myself with my deep thoughts. I was disappointed with Cyberpunk 2077 and one of the reasons is that I got on the hype train and another one is that the company made false promises which I also got sold on. I did learn from my mistake though, especially since CD Projekt RED was a company I respected and even one of the most respected of them all can get greedy. I can still get hyped for a game, like with Elden Ring, but I have learned to lower my expectations substantially to the point of playing around with the thoughts of an upcoming game coming out bad, just so I can be pleasantly surprised when it comes out good.
Of course not everyone has to like this game and of course there are people not liking it, but i somehow got the idea there is this BANDWAGGONING happening again as it is happening so often these days to the point of it almost being "a normal thing", with people just jumping on bandwagons while it doesn´t matters if it´s about hyping a title or trashing one.

Mercifully although i was excited for Cyberpunk 2077 i didn't watch any of the trailers or previews. if anything E3 trailers aren't reflective of the final product (lesson learnt when watching watch dogs trailer and how they neutered the pc version as to not make the other versions look as inferior). But i certainly saw the reddit clips of the various bugs in the game and by god it wasn't a good look. A highlight was a burnt out car with a corpse driving around the city.
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It is a shame the hype train for Cyberpunk never looked at the actual product and played it before launch or it wouldn't have taken a patch 2 years later to fix all the problems, game could have just been delayed.
I didn't mention it but No Man's Sky is another shining example of over promising and a dev who wouldn't say no any question. But to be fair, after 20 expansions, its a good game now.
People just need to stick to reality when saying what games are. Its way better to surprise them with things they didn't expect than to lie about things they can find.
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Jan 17, 2020
Not PC gaming but my biggest disappointment was probably the OG Xbox One. I preordered it and it was like £500 and I thought the graphics were pretty muddy and not a big leap from the 360 at all.

The Xbox One X was what the OG should have been.
There are several games that have disappointed me to one degree or another, but the one game that sticks in my mind as being the biggest disappointment was Underworld Ascendant.

I was so hyped when this game was announced, as the original Ultima Underworld games were two of the most immersive games I've played (especially the first one). Ascendant was billed as being the spiritual successor to those games, plus, it was being made by Warren Spector & Paul Neurath of Otherside Entertainment, who both worked on the original Underworld games, as well as the System Shock and Thief games. No way this game can miss. I was so wrong. I've never actually purchased or played it, as I thankfully waited for a few reviews, but it remains at least one of my biggest game disappointments. This short video review pretty much sums it up:

Once a few people start being negative about a game, it just steamrolls and then everyone is negative about it.
That's so true, and you often see that negative wave sweep through the Steam reviews & discussions. I see it often for 3 of my favorite games: Gothic 3, Elex 1, and Elex 2. I've spent hundreds of hours in those 3 games, exploring and learning to survive in massive open worlds. Yet the bashing continues, and often times bleeds over into bashing the developer studio, Piranha Bytes.
We have threads along this line already
If anyone wants more info on any of these, just ask—not going to rehash here for now.

Far Cry 2
Command and Conquer 4
Command and Conquer Generals 2
Crysis 2 [&3]
Civilization 5

The biggest of those disappointments? I suppose Crysis 2, in that it wasn't a bad game for what it was, but rather it had been severely nerfed from what it could have been—a worthy successor to Crysis & Warhead—to make it fit on consoles.


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Crysis 2 wasn't even a Crysis game as far as I'm concerned. They immediately undermined the whole story from Crysis 1 to make essentially a new IP with the same superpower-suit. It was a big disappointment all right, even though I got it well after release for cheap.

Underworld Ascendant... yeah, complete dumpster fire. They tried fixing some stuff about it, but Otherside's reputation is still mud for that one.

Cyberpunk is still on my wish list. Y'all just played it too early!

Star Citizen... well, paying $60 for it when games are starting to cost $70 is at least a plus. The fact that they've been jerking us around for something like a decade now so that inflation is a factor is really pathetic. This is a prime example of why some developers need a publisher that can say "we ship in 3 months whatever state it's in."

Sword of the Stars 2 was bad, too. SotS 1 was really fund but the graphics were pretty old. SotS 2 came in with nicer graphics, more tech, better ship building, and so on and so forth. Pity it didn't work. At all. Unlike OtherSide, though, Kerberos did work to fix the game. And they worked hard! It was just starting to get in a playable state (over a year later) when Paradox cut it off. It was still a good enough state that I was able to have fun with it after waiting all that time, so not my worst disappointment.
This is a prime example of why some developers need a publisher that can say "we ship in 3 months whatever state it's in."
That just results in games like:
  • GTA: Definitive Edition
  • Saints Row
  • Cyberpunk 76

There is no perfect answer.
Kickstarter campaigns where you get money back if they don't meet targets?
Restrictions on how long you can extend for?

Games don't fail on release any more, they get patched afterwards if you lucky. And fail over a year or so before being forgotten by most players and the devs.
Before they could patch games there were way more fails. Its why we remember some games from the past as they managed to not be buggy messes. Bethesda games would all fail, without patching after release.

Wouldn't it have been a shorter list if we just listed any games that didn't disappoint you?
I think my biggest game disappointment was probably Kingdom Come: Deliverance. After playing Skyrim through for the first time, I was looking for something similar. I thought Kingdom Come would be it. I finally ended up buying it when it was on a sale, and I ended up hating it. I really wanted to love it so bad, but I just didn't get into it at all. I think it was because it's more realistic, when I was really looking for a fantasy game. It just didn't hit the spot.


Sep 5, 2022


Cyberpunk 2077


:p But in fact, how people can be "disappointed" with an "overhyped" title, so the same thing can happen REVERSE! Meaning that:

All this negative-hype on CYBERPUNK made me actually be "surprised" in a positive way how in fact that game ain´t THAT BAD after all!

Basically the same as i was surprised how good the movie "THE PREDATOR" (PREDATOR - UPGRADE the european title!) actually was, compared to all those negative, down-bashing reviews it got from almost everyone worldwide!

Uh-Oh! I just remember some forum, where one guy was spreading the rumour that the devs who made DEUS EX are up to make "a real CYBERPUNK"-Game being more as to what the original CYBERPUNK-Experience from Projekt-Red was supposed to be while being less of that "disaster" that followed.

Needless to say that thread got instantly dozens posts and hundreds of clicks, while the OVERHYPE already started even the production of this title hasn´t yet.

So i guess, for the case the DEUS-EX-Guys are really trying probably just ends like it has for Projekt-Red coz nothing in this world can hold up to an OVERHYPE like that.
From this thread i at least have found that we all share disappointment together. Im in agreement of being disappointed with CP2077, Sacred 3, Kingdom Come and 1 or 2 others listed above so ill think of something new.

I guess my biggest disappointment in recent memory would be OUTRIDERS. I was very much looking forward to this game. It had really cool looking armor sets and gun skins, there was gonna be a transmog system, hordes to fight off with friends and it looked like a blast mainly because it looked like a Gears of War game but with the ability to use powers. People Can Fly stated that the game wasnt going to be MP nor a live service game. I was on board with the idea having been playing Destiny 2 and seeing all the negative side effects of a live service game can have and im not a huge MP fan.

Game comes out MIRED with bugs. So bad in fact that there were times where i would be taking 0 damage from enemies and being completely ignored by them while my teammates get slaughtered. Heres a video of just 1 of the times i ran into this:


This all of course was coupled with bad server connections (loss of host), INVENTORY WIPES, material loss and other numerous little bugs that annoyed me. Heres people missing: (this happened a lot)


So outside of bugs were numerous other letdowns. First: No communication whatsoever in game, not even a general voice chat (still missing to this day) then the extreme in-balance of powers where only 2-3 builds were viable at all out of all the possible builds. Some guns were just plain not doing what they said they would do, the story was great but kinda short and the endgame was absolutely trash. Just redoing these little 'expeditions' over and over and over and over again. Also, the transmog system was missing (stayed missing for 5-6 months). This was mainly overshadowed by the bugs and bad servers above.

Even with the game being a SP straight through game, they added an "endgame" but didnt want to be a live service game so there was nothing to do when you got to the end, really wish they just treated it as a live game.

I think my biggest game disappointment was probably Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

I ran into so many bugs playing that, but this one was my favorite that i found:

Jul 18, 2022
I actually quite liked Cyberpunk 2077, found myself thoroughly playing it, which I hadn't done for a while on a game. An that was when it was released, I can only assume it is in a better place now.

My one disappointment I remember is, Assassin's Creed Unity. I'm not saying it was a massively hyped up game or was hugely anticipated but I love the Creed series and was excited to see where this went.

It turns out this was the introduction to the super jump when climbing buildings, making it incredibly unrealistic. While being based in the middle of France, nobody had a French accent.

The graphics were painful and at times terrifying with those face glitches. It was just.. poor.

The best bit being a World War mission at the start, which probably made the game seem a hundred times better than it would ever have achieved.
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Sep 5, 2022
I actually quite liked Cyberpunk 2077, found myself thoroughly playing it, which I hadn't done for a while on a game. An that was when it was released, I can only assume it is in a better place now.

I didn´t found it to be that bad either...but...when i run into the open-town for the first time with all those people and cars running around, the game was starting stuttering and being completely unplayable, so at least all the hate it got from people coz of those bugs and that stuttering, is totally justified in my opinion.

As for me, i de-installed it and decided to wait another few years before trying again and well...i could have bought myself one of those ultra-expensive-super-duper graphic-cards but way i am goin to waste money for just one friggin title, especially when chances are high the game still stutters like a moron even with an ultra-expensive, super-duper graphic card.
@ToxicOffender Still have to see the latest Prey. Looks pretty good, perhaps more of a homage to the original Predator movie. With the exception of Alien vs. Predator, I think Predators [2010] was well done. Jungle-themed, some gore, cheesy actors, and some nice callbacks to the original. Obviously, nothing can beat Arnold Swarzenegger all covered in mud and letting out that scream or that epic quote to give you shivers down the back: "There's Something Out There Waiting For Us, And It Ain't No Man".


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Jan 13, 2020
X-Com 2. As a huge fan of the series I just never could get into the design decision of putting all those damn timers in the game. The Ruler battles also were just there to piss me off apparently - an enemy that gets a reaction action after EVERY ONE of your moves? And once at a certain health marker always disappear for a follow-up encounter like the worst version of a multi-stage boss?

Yeah, I think I'll just go back and play Terror from the Deep and at least have fun while I get my ass kicked.