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A bizarre tragedy has befallen you. Your games are all gone. Steam, GOG, Epic, and all the rest have never heard of you. Physical copies are all gone, along with their boxes. Posters and little statues from collector's editions are gone. Your viewing history of anything related to games has been wiped off the Internet. Even your own memories of gaming are gone! Every spec of information regarding your gaming history has been taking out of the Universe.

Except for the post you're about to make here: the lone guide to yourself on what games to play.

So pick out some games for yourself! You might have to sell the games a bit. Convincing future-you to play Doom 2 just because you had a great time with it back in the 90's is going to be tricky with Doom Eternal sitting out there.
How many games exactly? 3 at the most?

If i had to chose just 1 game itd probably be Destiny (i refer to Destiny 2 as Destiny because bungie seriously needs to drop the 2 and just call it destiny), in this day and age, its a vast game and if its the only game left id be able to get all the guns and armor!

If its say 3? It'd be Destiny(2), Mortal Kombat Ultimate 3 and Either Grim Dawn or the newly updated Diablo 2 mod, because id pick Diablo 2 out of all the diablos, but the old version is dated and the new one is really good and plays along with the original lore and even added new quests, weapons armors etc.
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X3: Terran Conflict. A hidden gem. The game is huge - even 100 hours in, you'll still be learning new game systems! The random missions get terribly repetitive but there's so much to explore and exploit that it won't matter. The story missions are... different. Instead of telling you to go from point A to point B to defeat the dreaded Ks, they set much bigger goals and let you figure out just how they will get done. Sadly, the DDTC mod is no longer around but there are plenty of others to have fun with. I wouldn't bother with earlier games at this point. X: Rebirth isn't nearly as bad as some say with a few mods thrown in but you won't have time for it - move on to X4 after X3.

BattleTech. I don't think I modded the game at all but, if there's one to make the UAC weapons rarer, grab it - those things are entirely too good. After this you'll probably be wanting to play the new XCOM. Maybe. Troubleshooter: Abandoned Children isn't as well known but it is actually better. Thing is, it lets you pick from a crazy number of skills. When I played it, I had seen nearly all those skills in one form or another over decades of gaming. So it might be best to keep it simple with the new XCOM games. Then look at T:AS.

The Witcher Series. Witcher 1 is pretty fun but pretty old. There's a nasty difficulty spike (you can guess what that means) fighting a spectral dog but, once you're past that, the game really is fun. Witcher 2 looks far better but wasn't as fun for some reason. Witcher 3 was incredible! Handle the first two games however you will - just make sure you get to that third game! Tell Trish I said... oh, actually, maybe you shouldn't mention me. She might still be mad.

Final Fantasy 7. Timing will be tricky here. The original game is VERY old. Mods can help it a lot but there's only so much that can be done. The story is really well done, though, and it has great game play and music. The timing is tricky because they are releasing a re-make. They're expanding the game into some unknown number of episodes with graphics that are soooo much better! One, the other, both... I don't know.

Outer Wilds. Quick, fun, and lighthearted. Try not to even see any screenshots of it - just get it, install it, and play it. Might want to have a bag of marshmallows handy.

Subnautica - another one I won't tell you a thing about, other than it is a good bit longer than Outer Wilds and has some base building.

4X Games: Jeez... most of the entire turn based portion of this genre. Probably start with Endless Space 2 because it's not only fun but really easy to get into. Civilization 5 is that way, too. (I couldn't get into Civ 6.) After those, Sword of the Stars, Galactic Civ 3, and Endless Legends are fun, too, but I don't know if there will be time for them before some new 4X game shows up.

Saints Row 3: just plain old fun. Yakuza 0 is also crazy fun, but has a serious story running through it as well.

There's so many awesome games of the past (many from BioWare) that were so much fun at the time. If you were to retire and the game industry would stop making new games, you could probably get through the highlights in under ten years but that's not going to happen.
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I'd probably start with The Secret of Monkey Island™: Special Edition. You can swap between it looking retro or modernistic, so a little bit for everyone. At times quite funny, with all types of quirky characters and puzzles. The theme song in this game would probably be the selling point. It's just too good to be forgotten and the new me would definitely have agreed.

Then I would have stayed on the adventure course for a little while and introduced myself to Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis. It is a bit more challenging as an adventure game than Monkey Island. The characters and settings are very well done with quite a memorable intro that puts you straight into the plot.

After that, it would have been Blade Runner and The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery. We are getting a bit more adult-themed and introducing different perspectives on solving puzzles. More interactivity, deeper lore, and more modernistic.

Then I would have made a big leap and introduced myself to Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. Suddenly a lot would feel new while still having some core aspects from the other games: Plot, puzzles, and exploring. The humor is unfortunately gone, but instead, I would have introduced the horror element.

After being totally scared, I would have eased things down with ABZÛ. Suddenly the world would seem much more colorful and I think the new me would have appreciated the change in scenery. We are still exploring, but easing down on the puzzles, almost to the point of it being completely gone.

Then, to finish it up, I would have asked the new me to put on Space Oddity By David Bowie, strap himself in a 315P small space vehicle in Star Citizen (which is now finished), and glide alongside the stars.
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Total War Warhammer 2: It's endlessly replayable. So many factions, so many unit types. Unfortunately, they've worn out the modders by breaking all mods every month or two, but there's still a bunch of good ones.

XCOM 2: Several great campaigns and enough mods to play them any way you like.

Fallout 76: I need a survival game on this list, and this is the one I'm playing now. With so many things to do, it's an easy time sink.

It's 4:16 a.m. and I'm tired, so here's a list to round things out:

Pro Strategy Football 21
Forza Horizon 3 plus DLC
Farming Simulator 19
Super Mega Baseball 3
Football Manager

(I sort of added my own ridiculousness to this question by imagining that I couldn't do anything but play games and would only have access to 10)
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Dear Me,

I hope this finds you well. Well, I hope this finds you.

The Crazy Zlothians are about to zap Earth with an EMP pulse laced with LSD, and cryo-transport us all to their spare veggie-patch planet Proxima Centauri. You've probably recently woken and are wondering what to do for fun. Play these games:

Command & Conquer Remastered:
Best thing EA has done in a decade. 2 full games + 3 major expansions + a few extra console missions. You get to build military bases, gather resources, upgrade the base, and then sally forth usually to wipe out the opposition. This will be invaluable experience and training for you all in multi-player, if you can rally all the others to rise against the tyranny of the Crazy Zlothians.

If remastered—or maybe even if not—play Red Alert 2 and Generals Zero Hour 'Generals Challenge' for more invaluable training.

Civilization IV:
Once you've mastered area and regional control, Civ4 will teach you all about planetary dominance across millennia. You're going to build cities, lots of cities. You'll learn to manage them so they are effective economic entities with thriving scientific and artistic communities, with your citizens basking in the happy glow of spiritual welfare and military protection.

Exploration is vital to find the best city locations so you expand effectively to exploit the riches around the landscape. The big objective of course will be to build a spaceship so you and your military can launch to Centauri A and banish the Crazy Zlothians to Sagittarius A.

If you prefer, you can try Civ5, which is quite different but also highly recommended.

Far Cry Primal:
Once on Centauri A, you will need to master exploring the vast land and learn how to defeat or tame the teeming and often dangerous wildlife. FC Primal will teach you the arts and crafts you need to survive and overcome the many Zlothian strongholds on the way to their capital.

Once there, the easiest way to defeat the Crazies is to assassinate their leader, Zloth the Contributor—without him making crazy posts, they will quickly lose heart. Stealth will be your friend, so I advise foregoing guns or grenades—quiet elimination via bow, spear and bee bombs will be your best tactic.

Once stealth has won the day, you can get loud and play Far Cry 3, 4, 5, spin-off New Dawn and DLC Valley of the Yetis—all offer a fine experience of stealthy or loud progress toward eliminating remaining enemies.

Royal Envoy series:
Back on Earth after your triumphs, you will need to rebuild. RE will teach you all you need to know about using wood, stone and gold to quickly and efficiently restore or build towns across the land. Should there be many obstacles in your way, then spend time with the Northern Tales series which will be great training for clearing your path.

Hope this helps, and nice to meet me.
Me's sincerely,