Xbox x v ps5

Dec 13, 2022
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Getting one of the above for my sons Xmas and looking for advice. He already has the old style xbox and my question is should we buy him the new xbox so that he still has all of his games, controllers etc or do we get him the PS5 as he tells me that all his friends have that?

Is the xbox x compatible with playing games with friends who have ps5, and also for 'parties'.

Apologies ...but this type of thing isn't my bag and am looking for advice to make sure santa brings the right console
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Welcome :)

Just to note though, this is a PC gaming forum, so you might not find too many people to advise about consoles here as they are kind of a different thing.

As far as I know it would be better to have the same console as his friends because there are chat features and multiplayer game stuff that you wouldn't be able to access with different brands of console. He might not be able to play every game together with them as not all games have crossplay.


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