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Sep 2, 2022
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I am trying to receive a signal one floor above where transmitting. Current Logitech options (tried 2) MK570 and MK295 do not work for me.

Are there any options, or am I drilling a hole through the floor to run an extender? The dongle on both is very small. Much smaller than my headset which works well even 2 floors up getting a clear signal. The dongle for the headset is more than 3 times the length/size of the Logitech ones.

What I am trying to do is project from my laptop in the basement to my living room TV, which I have working well (Pofan Wireless HDMI transmitter and Receiver). Its the keyboard and mouse causing the problems. (thought this would be the easy part).
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What distance works when there's a direct line of sight between M-KB and dongles?
Often the problem is that the dongles aren't strong enough to transmit thru obstacles like ceilings, carpets, furniture etc. So make sure direct path between M-KB & dongles is as uninterrupted as possible.
Also, have laptop plugged into mains, rather than running on battery, to ensure best power—laptops usually reduce USB power when running on battery.

Make sure M-KB are fully charged—range can reduce with low charge.
If removable batteries, replace with fresh ones.
Make sure you have the latest drivers for M-KB.
If both Logitech using the combo Logi software, disable that and run them off default Windows drivers.

Are your PC and OS fairly modern? Older ones are less efficient with handling USB ports.
Disconnect any other USB devices when using M-KB—the fewer USBs on system, the more power available for those which remain.

Minimize other devices in between M-KB and dongles, eg…
…which might interfere with signal.
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Sep 2, 2022
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I am about 99% sure the issue is the 0.1 ms latency between my video transmitter and receiver. Not the keyboard mouse, well those are contributing. Normally that isn't a big deal. It is a big deal in a FPS.

Looks like I am hard wiring the HDMI and having the laptop close to me. Now I have a legit reason to replace that older laptop and permanently locate it to the upstairs room. Replace with tower. Thinking Dell Omen. Bought one for my teenage stepson and he has had no complaints.

Figured this all out while discussing with family member (he is in the industry, Yahoo I think). Was a great discussion.

Thank you for your input Brian!
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