Will GPU prices continue to drop during this year?

Jun 19, 2021
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Hi, hope you're all fine.
It turns out that I cannot extend the GPU upgrade beyond this year. I make stuff using heavier programs like 3Ds Max and some After Effects in order to keep up with college projects, and the iGPU of my Ryzen 2400G is already at it's limit, clearly it's not enough with allocating more VRAM from the BIOS, hehe. So we're all quite aware of the chip shortage, although several of us were quite optimistic about the situation since this year started, thinking that at the end of 2020 the situation would show promising signs, so we decided to wait and now we're even more f*cked. But i was reading an article related to this subject that made me think that it's not all bad news, since Biden recently announced big investments in the semiconductor industry to deploy more foundries, and on the other hand even if the "crypto fever" has returned like previous years, it seems that Nvidia has it's own new algorith to limit GPU mining for their mainstream products, with another product line for these purposes. Based on these facts, will prices tend to decrease and return to normal levels this year? Or we''lll have to wait till 2022 to upgrade our computers if i'm a lower-middle class and not a sponsored streamer?
will prices tend to decrease and return to normal levels this year?
No. It's difficult to predict of course, but there's no reason for optimism. We'll be lucky if situation improves in second half of 2022. Check this out:

deploy more foundries
New foundries are in the $20-30 billion range. They would take a year to plan, a couple of years to build, and another couple to get running at full capacity. So second half of this decade at the earliest.

Your best bet for this year is probably to buy a pre-built PC, the builders can get cards from the OEMs at reasonable prices—so a new PC could easily be cheaper than trying to get a graphics card yourself!

There's a lot more involved than crypto, things like weird demand patterns, the car industry, poor JIT implementations in the supply chain, etc—oh and covid, nearly forgot.


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