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Apr 22, 2020
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You need a new graphics card, right? We all do. I've needed one for about two years at this point, over the course of which my current 1080 Ti has entered a kind of tech-dotage, communicating only in warbles and squeaks and intermittently failing altogether. There's no hope for me, I'm afraid, but you could be in luck: We're partnering with the folks behind PERISH to launch a giveaway that might just be the cure to your GPU woes.

The grand prize is a Gigabyte Gaming OC GeForce RTX 3070 8GB GPU. That's not an explosion at the alphabet factory, it's a hefty last-gen graphics card that can breeze through pretty much anything you throw at it. We're talking framerates north of 60fps in 4K gaming and over 100fps at 1440p.

Of course, you'll need a game to actually play on that thing. So on top of that, you'll also win a Steam copy of Perish, as well as three more to dish out to your friends. Plus, we'll send you a set of monstrous keycaps for your clicky-clack keyboard, and a 4.5 inch tall figurine of Perish's the Kathorao to lurk forebodingly on your mantelpiece.

Grand Prize (1 Winner)

  • Gigabyte Gaming OC GeForce RTX 3070 8GB GPU
  • 4 Steam codes for PERISH
  • Esc and WASD keycaps
  • The Kathorao figurine

If you don't nab the grand prize, you still stand a chance of winning one of five gold prizes, which consist of all of the above minus the GPU. That's the keycaps, the figurine, and a Steam code for Perish.

Gold Prize (5 Winners)

  • Steam code for PERISH
  • Esc and WASD keycaps
  • The Kathorao figurine
All you have to do is follow these instructions:
The giveaway is live now, and will continue until 11:59 pm ET/8:59 pm PT on February 17. To enter, HEAD HERE and follow the instructions. Then cross your fingers, sit back, and wait for random winners to be drawn on the conclusion date. Oh, and one last thing, this giveaway is only open to residents of the US.

I love the dark art style
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