Question Build for Data Crunching and VR Gaming under ~500$, 2nd hand components ok

Feb 20, 2024
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I want to build a PC build that is possible for future upgrades(next few months). I’ve detailed my current situation and future plans below.

**1. Purpose:** My primary focus is on data crunching and AI/ML development, alongside high-end VR gaming experiences. The system should be capable of handling intensive computational tasks with the flexibility to upgrade components for enhanced performance in the near future. GPU/CPU/RAM etc for this can be upgraded in future if required.

**2. Budget:** $500. Also open to second-hand parts if it means better initial value or performance. Additionally, I plan to invest an extra $500-1000 in the coming months for upgrades, focusing on a build that supports upgradibility.

**3. Location:** Mumbai, India. I've identified several vendors known for competitive pricing and reliability:

- Amazon India: [](

- Prime ABGB: [](

- Elite Hubs: [](

- Game Loot: [](

**4. Brand Preference:** None except your recommendations

**5. Current Parts:** This will be a fresh build, starting from scratch without the reuse of any existing components.

**6. Overclocking:** Yes, I intend to overclock with a view to future component upgrades.

**7. Resolution:** My current setup operates at WFHD resolution, but I aim to transition to 4K.

**8. Build Timeline:** The assembly is planned within the next few weeks, recognizing that prices and availability are subject to change.

**9. Software Needs:** No additional software purchases are required for this build.

**Additional Details:**

- **Upgradability:** Withing one year, planning to upgrade but much sooner actually —selecting a case, motherboard, and PSU that facilitate easy upgrades. The goal is to accommodate a high-end GPU and potentially other high-performance components in the year ahead.

- **Upgrade Motivation:**: to enhance my capacity for data analytics and AI/ML project work, and to elevate my VR gaming experience.

- **Peripherals:** keyboard, mouse, monitor, Bluetooth/WiFi receiver) and will not need replacements.

I look forward to your recommendations on how to best approach this build, particularly in making initial selections that align with my upgrade aspirations.

Thank you in advance!

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