Who is your favorite Far Cry villain?

Only 10 days to the release of 6. Who is your favorite villain so far? For me it's Pagan Min from FC4. I loved the funny radio conversations you had with him. I think at one point he had his chef killed because you didn't stick around at the beginning of the game to enjoy the crab rangoons. That doesn't sound funny, but it was the way he said it. And, as it turned out,
he was just as good as the "good guys", as you find out at the end

I think my least favorite was Joseph Seed just because I find religious fanatics to be unsettling. But Seed wasn't as evil as his underlings, and sometimes didn't seem evil at all.

This new guy in 6 is maybe a more serious bad guy than we've had recently. Will be interesting to see how he compares to past villains.
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I predict an avalanche of Vaas! :D

For me it's Pagan Min
Me too. Vaas is a monotone cardboard caricature by comparison. *ducks, hides*

FC1: Dr Krieger, standard bad syfy evil scientist cliché.

FC2: Made 3 attempts to play, never again—I'm cured. So no opinion.

FC3: Hoyt was nondescript, a very weak supposed boss.

Primal: Ull and Batari are okay, but nothing special—the weakest part of an excellent game.

FC5: My second favorites, they got the best air time of all FC villains. Not mad about the brothers, but Joseph—The Father—and to a lesser extent Faith, were interesting.

New Dawn: Yuck, the twins are the worst to date. A few of the GFHs would have made much more credible baddies—eg the flamethrower guy.

So Pagan it is. A very interesting compelling character, plenty of psycho ruthlessness mixed in with philosophical musings about power, struggle and destiny, an obvious love for AJ's mom, and an acute sense of black comedy. Troy Baker's voice acting was superb, he sold the character.

I think at one point he had his chef killed
Yep, he did. "That's the last time I'm kidnapping a ******* TV celebrity chef".

I loved the funny radio conversations you had with him
Yep again, the writing was so much better in 4 than in 3. Kanye West's Twitter, declaring candles illegal, making a suit for AJ, etc :)
I guess Jason Brody would be kind of high up on the list, depending on the ending. I mean, if you killed your friends you would have a short life as a really bad villain, and your son would be the ultimate dipshit. Vaas was your typical crazy villain and I liked some of his monologues exemplifying just how crazy he was. I got bored pretty fast playing through FC4 & FC5, so I can't say I remember much from them villain-wise, at least nothing memorable sticking with me. I do remember loving that Buzzer though.
I've only played FC3,4, and 5 so I can't comment on the other two. For me I think they were all overall pretty solid. I think, though, I'd ultimately agree with your sentiment; Pagan Min was really entertaining. I haven't played FC3 in quite awhile but I think Vaas was just extremely annoying (which is arguably a good trait for a villain depending on your perspective. Joseph Seed was a good character overall (I feel like he fit the role extremely well) but I must say that the ending of FC5 really colors my perception of the game because I was not a fan.
This new guy in 6 is maybe a more serious bad guy than we've had recently. Will be interesting to see how he compares
I haven't read much about him, but he's at the same level as Pagan—ruling a small country, with a rebellion in full swing. As such, he has the same scope Pagan had to be multi-dimensional, so I'm hopeful we'll see Breaking Badness.

Jason Brody
Nah, Jason was way too much a dipstick to be interesting. Evil definitely, in the scenario you mention, but nowhere near fav for me.
Well, i suppose pagan min is my fav - charismatic and yet a ruthless dictator. He seemed to have a multifaceted personally. On the one hand, a nice caring family man, the other side a ruthless dictator that's crushing the locals under his boot. Partly because he's a ruthless jerk, partly because of a severe family loss.

Joseph seed seemed like a respectable person and seems pretty likable. i mean, he is quite tolerant and patient, but i think its his excessive methods (of his family as well) to save as many people as possible made him a monster. i might be wrong but will be interesting how the DLC portrays him .

honorable mention goes to Colonel sloan of blood Dragon.
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Vaas was super cool right up until he didn't matter in the least, and Pagan Min is probably the most charismatic and enjoyable to watch, but being an inveterate Far Cry 2 apologist I'm gonna be controversial and say:
the buddies were the most effective villains for me. You really only interact with two at a time, but having them try to take you out after spending hours of being rescued by them in tough scrapes and helping them subvert the factions mission objectives for personal gain was a real shocker. The guns for hire system in later games lacked that personal connection since your followers were either interchangeable rando's or unkillable novelty characters.
"Pagan Min has lost another outpost!" I love playing the radio in Far Cry 4 just to hear the speaker mocking o'l Pagan. For each outpost you capture, you can feel Pagan getting angrier and more desperate. I suppose Far Cry 5 did that even more by having the player randomly getting captured by the Seed family, at certain points, but Far Cry 4 does it just right I think.

I haven't tried 6 yet, but I definitely will eventually!
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