Who is your favorite male antagonist?

Pagan is a great choice, but the one who's stuck with me thru the decades, and I was delighted to meet again last year, is Kane.

Yep. Kane, just Kane.
From God to Kane to Seth.

"One vision. One purpose! Peace through power!"
"Rule of thumb, Hassan. You can't kill the Messiah"
"Rejoice, children of Nod! The blood of your oppressors will flow and the 50 years of tyranny will finally end! Transformation is coming, a new day will dawn! The future, is ours."
"He who controls the past, commands the future. He who commands the future, conquers the past."
"God? No, I'm not God. But I'm a close second."
"Of course it's not true, but the world only believes what the media tells them to believe, and I tell the media what to believe, it's really quite simple."
"Humanity has always had a penchant for fanaticism. I have always found it… useful."

Ruthless, evil, sadistic—but above all, charismatic! Wonderfully portrayed by Joe Kucan.
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It seems like there are hundreds of male antagonists, more so than females. But one of my favorites (or most despised) male antagonists would be Jon Irenicus from Baldur's Gate 2.

I replayed BG2 EE this year, so he's the one that came to mind first. There are probably others, but he stands out as being a particularly nasty & sadistic antagonist that I took much pleasure (and a couple of reloads) in defeating.
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