Which Outriders class will you choose?

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Dec 11, 2019
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Hey Outriders!

The full version of Outriders is releasing soon and I want to know which path you'll be choosing. Whether you're transferring your demo progress to the full game or starting afresh, our Outriders classes guide will help you find the role that fits your playstyle.

The good thing is you don't need to agonise too much, because you can start a new character after the prologue after you've seen it through once. And you can respec your class upgrade points at any time so you can experiment with various builds, anyway.

So, which path will you choose, and why? Will you play with a team, or solo? I chose the Pyromancer for the demo, but found it a little weak when I played alone. For the main game I'm thinking about moving over to the Trickster, which seems much more capable, even though I'm not normally an up-close-and-personal kind of guy.

Anyway, what about you? Let me know how you'll be spending your time on Enoch.

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Trickster here. 2nd will be Pyromancer then third will be Technomancer. Tricksters first because, to me, it has the best abilities down the line, pyromancer because the fire aspect is insane and then technomancer because people need a medic lol.
I played Technomancer and Devastator in the demo. Both were fun but I kept coming back to the Technomancer. People say it's a support character but I've been having loads of fun with it solo.
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